17 - 18 - 19 November 2015

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Exhibitor Country Stand
2J antennae Slovakia 01.404
2MPro Spain 11.922
303® Products/GOLD EAGLE® CO. United States of America 11.425
3D|CORE Germany CMP.07.EL
4C INNOVATION Italy 10.324
727 SAILBAGS France 04.104
A Glaze Marine United Kingdom 03.312
A. Benvenuti s.n.c. Italy 02.319
A.T.I. Di Mariani Mario & C snc Italy 01.838
A+ Rigging Nederland B.V. Netherlands 01.229
AAA Worldwide Enterprises Ltd. Taiwan 05.327
AB Inflatables Colombia 11.623
ABT TRAC United States of America 10.514
AC ANTENNAS A/S Denmark 01.302
Accuverkoop Hefra BV Netherlands 05.521
Achilles Wendt Agenturen BV Netherlands 01.510
ACICO & JONGERT Yachts BV Netherlands 09.404
ACR Electronics United States of America 01.700
Actisense (Active Research Ltd) United Kingdom 03.128
Adel Polyester B.V. - Professionals in Composite Netherlands CMP.60.EL
Adidas Sailing Latvia 01.343
Admiral Marine Equipment Turkey 02.141
Adrena France 04.119
Adria Bandiere S.r.l. Italy 02.317
Advanced Mechanical Solutions srl Italy 09.708A
AEFFE S.r.l Italy 11.028
Aegir Cork Group sas France 04.111
AEP Marine Parts Netherlands 09.415
AERÉ Marine Group United States of America 11.619
Agent China China
Agent Eurasia Turkey
Agent France France
Agent UK United Kingdom
Airmar Technology United States of America 01.205
AkzoNobel United Kingdom 01.447
Alamarin-Jet Oy Finland 01.161
Albatross S.r.l. Italy 01.753
Albright International Ltd. United Kingdom 03.514
Alessandro Marine Propulsion Systems BV Netherlands 04.427
Alewijnse Marine Systems Netherlands 10.300
ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings Germany 10.608
Alfa Marine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd China 05.518
Allen Brothers United Kingdom 03.206
Allpa B.V. Netherlands 02.410
Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan 11.308
Alltek Marine Electronics Corp Taiwan 01.127
Allufer Tempesta S.r.l. Italy 10.125
Almar S.r.l. Italy 05.222
Alpha Ropes Portugal 03.429
Alphatron Marine B.V. Netherlands 10.622
Alrose Products Ltd British United Kingdom 03.113
Alto Service Italia Italy MYP.22.EF
Alukwa B.V. Netherlands 10.502
Aluland B.V. Netherlands 10.414
Amare Srl Italy 03.433
A-Marinas Finland 09.218
Amber Dynamic Sun Design Netherlands 10.503
Amels Netherlands 10.103
AMI TMQ International Australia 11.723
amperetta GmbH Germany 11.901
Ancor S.r.l. Italy 11.112
Anemomind Switzerland 04.320A
ANEN - Spanish Marine Trade Association Spain 01.181
Antal Marine Equipment Italy 01.229
API S.p.A. Italy 10.518
APM Italy CMP.54.EL
APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. China 04.313
AP-Marine Netherlands 01.511
APPEP France 04.113
Applied Marine Automation United Kingdom 09.702
Aptivolt Ltd United Kingdom 03.109
AQUA MARINA Netherlands 11.439
Aqua Signal Germany 04.231
Aqua-Air Manufacturing United States of America 09.407
Aqua-cote United Kingdom 03.234
Aqualand China 03.331
Aquatic AV United States of America 11.529
Aravon Italy 01.222
ARC Marine Netherlands 01.811
Armare Italy 01.355
Armstrong Nautical Products United States of America 11.608
Artel srl Italy 09.526
ARTERRA United States of America 11.410
AS di Vito Labruna s.a.s. Italy 01.660
ASA Boot Electro B.V. Netherlands 11.805
ASCOM Lifting Equipment Italy 01.139
ASEA Power Systems United States of America 10.313
Astel d.o.o. Slovenia 05.351
ASTRA Yacht Italy 11.025
Atep Italia S.r.l. Italy 01.436
Atlantic Towers United States of America 11.510
Atlas Marine Systems United States of America 10.109
Auson AB Sweden 02.503
Australian International Marine Export Group (AIME Australia 11.722
Auto Marine Cables Limited United Kingdom 03.510
Autonautic Instrumental S.L. Spain 01.507
Autonnic Research Ltd United Kingdom 03.101
Awlgrip Europe United Kingdom 10.118
Axxon Composites Romania 11.224
Azure Wear UK United Kingdom 03.102A
B Sails di MArco Semeraro Italy CMP.76.EL
B&W Group Benelux Belgium 10.720
B.C.M. Illuminazione Italy 01.311
B.Hepworth and Co. Ltd. United Kingdom 10.108
b.y.s.baysanmarine Turkey 11.834
Bada Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. China 01.210
BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea 11.226
Bailey Marine Ltd United Kingdom 03.117
Bainbridge International United Kingdom 06.100
Baitra, S.L. Spain 01.412
Balmar LLC United States of America 11.524
Baltic Safety Products AB Sweden 09.320
Baltic Yachts Service & Refit Mallorca Spain 09.632A
Bamar Italy 01.809
Banten Communication Antennas Italy 01.350
Barigo Germany 02.209
Barka S.r.l. Italy 02.401
Barr Marine by EDM United States of America 11.517
Barrow International United Kingdom 03.100
Barrus Ltd United Kingdom 03.226
Barton Marine United Kingdom 01.442
Barz Optics Pty. Ltd. Australia 11.716
Båtsystem AB Sweden 09.100A
BEDFLEX International bvba Belgium 01.418
Beekmans RVS Netherlands 09.517
Bekina Indurub NV Belgium 04.526
Bellingham Marine Australia 11.714
Bel-Ray Company LLC United States of America 11.610
Belship B.V. Netherlands 01.467
Bennett Marine, Inc. United States of America 11.614
Van Berge Henegouwen Netherlands 10.308
Berman Techniek Netherlands 05.501
Besenzoni S.p.A. Italy 01.559
Bestlight Co., Ltd. Taiwan 11.026
Besto-Redding Holland Netherlands 01.424
Beta Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 03.401
BGB SILS United Kingdom 03.316
BHG Marine United Kingdom 03.231
Bilgin Denizcilik Turkey 02.240
Binzhou Gemaite Machinery Co.,Ltd China 04.327
Blackman & White Ltd United Kingdom CMP.41.EL
Blockmakers Ording Netherlands 01.704
Bloemen De Maas B.V. Netherlands 09.519
Blokland BV - Amartech Netherlands 01.423
Blue Marine Srl S Italy 05.405
Blue Performance B.V. Netherlands 01.110
Blue Sea Systems United States of America 02.110
Blue Sky Energy United States of America 05.310
Blue Wave A/S Denmark 01.143
Bluefin LED United Kingdom 03.415
Boarding Ring France 04.312
Boat International Media United Kingdom
BOATGUARD d.o.o. 02.106
Boating Business United Kingdom
Bobic Yacht Interior d.o.o. Slovenia 10.105
Bob's Machine Shop, Inc. Division of BMS International, Inc United States of America 11.509
Boero Group Italy 01.738
Bofor Marine Products Turkey 02.243
Bohamet SA Poland 09.500
Bolidt Netherlands 10.221A
Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG Germany 09.409
Bonlok LTD United Kingdom 09.630
Boon B.V., Thom. H. van der Netherlands 01.805
Bootwerk BV Netherlands 09.634
Bostik Netherlands 11.105
Boyut Makina Turkey 02.130
Brasker Masten Netherlands 01.410
Brava Rylard Italy 05.121
Bright Optical Connectivity BV Netherlands 01.544
British Marine United Kingdom 03.321
Brodit AB Sweden 11.438
Brownell Boat Stands United States of America 11.427
Brunger Export Inc. United States of America 11.303
Brunton's Propellers United Kingdom 03.402
BSG Développements France 01.808
BSI A/S Denmark 09.311
Bucklers Hard Boat Builders United Kingdom 03.137
Buffalo Shrink Wrap, Inc. United States of America 01.762
Bukh A/S Denmark 11.904
Business France France 01.821
C Designs Ltd United Kingdom 03.318
C Security Systems Sweden 01.512
C&C SHIPPING SOLUTIONS S.r.l. Italy 01.663
C.E.M. S.r.l. Italy 01.737
Cableries Namuroises S.A. Belgium 01.402
Caframo 12 and 24 Volt Fans Canada 11.214
Camco Manufacturing, Inc. United States of America 11.504
CAN Italy 01.579
Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. Canada 11.208
Canepa & Campi S.r.l. Italy 01.661
CAN-SB Marine Plastics Italy 01.563
Cantalupi Lighting S.r.l. Italy 10.324
CAP d.o.o. Slovenia 05.239
Van Cappellen Consultancy Netherlands 10.314
Carbo-Link AG Switzerland 01.823
Cariboni S.r.l. Italy 01.644
Carl Stahl Benelux B.V. Netherlands 01.705
Carling Technologies United Kingdom 01.115
CASA MARE France 04.217
CASEPROOF France 04.322
Catef - Marine Fire Italy 01.573
Cathelco Ltd. United Kingdom 10.214
CDI Electronics, Inc. United States of America 11.522
CE & A Co Pty Ltd Australia 11.719
Cecchi Gustavo & C. Srl Italy 01.662
CELLweaver GmbH & Co. KG Germany 09.712
Centa Germany 04.225
Centek Industries, Inc. United States of America 11.508
Ceredi Snc Italy 01.756
Certec France 01.729
Chafe-Pro United States of America 11.626
Challenge Sailcloth Inc. United States of America 01.209
Channel 28 Ltd United Kingdom 09.613
Chatham Marine United Kingdom 03.314
China Sail Factory Hongkong 01.735
China Sunrise Sails Co,Ltd. China 04.502
China Wilfer International Limited China 11.838
CIM China 11.728
Cimco Marine AB Sweden 09.332
Cimolai Technology S.p.A. Italy 01.555
CIRNAPRO Germany 05.206
City Design Ltd. / Neo Light Turkey 02.239
CJR Propulsion Ltd. United Kingdom 11.312
Clamcleats Ltd United Kingdom 02.535
Clement Germany GmbH Germany MYP.54.EF
Clements Engineering United Kingdom 03.217
Click&Go Spain MYP.39.EF
Clinazur Proyacht France 01.620
Clion-Marine / Eberca B.V. Netherlands 01.417
Clyde Marine Leather United Kingdom 03.223
CM Hammar Sweden 09.324
CMC MARINE Italy 10.420
CMS Marine United Kingdom 03.315
Coelmo spa Italy 01.761
Colligo Marine United States of America 11.110
Combi Noord Netherlands 02.518
Comfortis ® Nautical Seating & Bedding Netherlands 09.315
Comnav Marine Ltd. Canada 11.118
COMUS MARINE France 01.711
Condaria '87 S.r.l. Italy 01.765
Contender B.V. Netherlands 01.516
Continental Automotive Switzerland AG Switzerland 01.208
Cooney Marine International Ltd. United Kingdom 01.459
Coursemaster Autopilots Pty. Ltd. Australia 11.717
Cousin Trestec France 01.713
Cox Powertrain United Kingdom 09.703
C-Quip International Ltd. New Zealand 10.404
Craftsman Marine Netherlands 05.301
Cramm Yachting Systems B.V. Netherlands 10.211
CRISTEC SAS France 01.826
Crown-Wood / Crown-Teak Belgium 09.605
CSM TECH CO., LTD Republic of Korea 11.205
C-Tech Ltd New Zealand 02.232
Cummins Ltd United Kingdom 11.518
Current Corporation Canada 09.707
D&D SNC Italy 04.522
D.R.DIFFUSION France 01.714
Damade France 01.714
DAN-FENDER Denmark 11.108
Daniamant Denmark 01.306
Data Hidrolik A.S. Turkey 02.236
DAUREKA SRL Italy 01.662
Davey & Company United Kingdom 03.311
Davis Instruments United States of America 11.204
DEANGELO MARINE EXHAUST United States of America 11.630
Delite ApS Denmark 01.414
Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH Germany
Delphia YACHTS KOT sp. j. Poland CMP.09.EL
DELTA 10 SAS France 04.219
Den Haan Rotterdam B.V. Netherlands 01.212A
Den Hartog Industries, Inc. United States of America MYP.49.EF
Dessalator France 04.216
DEVINT S.r.l. Italy 01.835A
DG Rubber Holland B.V. Netherlands 06.201
DIAB Australia CMP.16.EL
Digital Yacht Ltd United Kingdom 01.426
Digitaria International S.A. Luxembourg 09.728
Dimension-Polyant GmbH Germany 04.234
Dintra Transmissies Netherlands 01.217
Dixie Electric Ltd Canada 05.501
DIXPLAY Srl Italy 05.117
DJ PUMP Republic of Korea 11.228
DMS Holland Netherlands 10.321
Dock Edge Inc. Canada 11.113
DockAdd - Fender Systems Netherlands 01.600
DOKAR MAST Turkey 11.541
Dometic Holding AB Sweden 01.615
Dongying Changhui Precision Metal Co.,Ltd. China 05.221
Dongying Xinghui Precision Metal Co., Ltd. China 04.305
Dongying Xinxing Marine Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd China 04.402
Doyle Sailmakers New Zealand 10.715
Dr. Shrink, Inc. United States of America 11.506
Drew Marine Signal and Safety Ltd. United Kingdom 01.700
Drumarkon International BV Netherlands 01.314
DualDocker Austria MYP.33.EF
DUE EMME SRL Italy 02.522
Dulon Marine Netherlands 01.207
Duomarin AB Sweden 09.224
Dura Composites Ltd United Kingdom MYP.20.EF
Duratek Koruyucu Mad. San. ve Tic. A.S. Turkey CMP.64.EL
Durtek Sails Sri Lanka 01.529
Dutch Blue Marine Netherlands MYP.07.EF
DVZ-Services GmbH Germany 10.409
Dynad International B.V. Netherlands 04.325
Dynamic Products Australia 11.722A
E J Bowman (Birmingham) Limited United Kingdom 04.528
E&P Marine, Inc. United States of America 11.315
Easepal Enterprises Ltd. China 11.006
East Brightness Hardware Co., Ltd. China 02.235
Easterner Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan 05.509
Easy-Tek / Tek-Dek Netherlands 05.515
EBT Yachtpanels Netherlands 10.622
Echomax United Kingdom 11.017
Econosto Nederland bv Netherlands 10.501
Eco-Sistems Watermakers Spain 01.252
Ecotank France MYP.51.EF
Ediconsult Internazionale Italy

Edson International United States of America 11.803
Eekels Technology Netherlands 10.220
Electric Fuel Ltd. Israel 11.401
Elektro Stumpfl d.o.o. Slovenia 05.446
ELKA Design Italy 01.425
Elvstrøm Sails HQ Denmark Denmark 02.219
Emigreen B.V. Netherlands 09.713
em-trak Marine Electronics Limited United Kingdom 02.429
EN-ECO SPA Italy 05.409
Energy Solutions United Kingdom 10.601
ENGEL by Roega Technik GmbH Germany 01.530
English Braids United Kingdom 02.433
ENO-Force 10 France 01.441
EPAK GmbH Germany 11.032
Epifanes / W. Heeren & Zn B.V. Netherlands 01.225
E-PLEX Ltd. United Kingdom 03.323
ePropulsion Technology Ltd. Hongkong 11.729
Equiplite Europe Netherlands 02.541
Ertec AS Norway 09.305
Esthec composite decking Netherlands 10.221B
E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH Germany 01.500
ETY (E-Tech Maritim S.L.) Spain 10.620
Euro Offshore B.V. Netherlands 10.418
European Satellite Services Provider France 01.601
eurotask Ltd United Kingdom 01.408
Evac Oy Finland 10.427
Eval S.A. Greece 01.506
Evolution Sails Spain 09.710
Exalto BV Netherlands 01.316
Exit Carbon Italy 01.175
Exposure Marine - Ultimate Sports Engineering United Kingdom 03.225
Ezberci Marine Ltd Sti Turkey 02.335
F.D.F. TEK Italy 11.219
F.E.I.T. Pompe S.r.l. Italy 01.440
F.lli Giovanardi Italy 11.540
Fabbri Service srl Italy 09.708
Facnor France 01.818
FARIA BEEDE INSTRUMENTS, INC. United States of America 11.407
FarSounder, Inc. United States of America 10.419
Fastmount Ltd New Zealand 02.226
Feadship Yacht Services Netherlands 10.401
FEEL FREE Poland 01.801
Feldten Marine Germany 04.131
Fendequip United Kingdom 03.419
Fendercovers Worldwide Ltd. United Kingdom 03.419
fender-design Germany 01.411
Fendersystem Luxembourg 10.401A
Ferrari Mario Sailmaking Machines Italy 04.424
Finemarq Netherlands 10.213
Fireboy-Xintex United Kingdom 03.135
Fischer Panda GmbH Germany 02.500
Flexball Italiana - WR Controls Italy 02.217
Flexiteek International AB Sweden Sweden 11.001
Flexofold Sailboat Propellers Denmark 02.530
FLIR Systems United Kingdom 10.625
Flotool United States of America 11.416
Flow Marine United Kingdom 09.722
FlowGrill B.V. Netherlands 10.521
Fluiten Italia S.p.A. Italy 01.567
FOB France 01.471
Foglizzo Leather Italy 10.310
FOLCH ROPES, SA Spain 01.244
Forespar Products Corp. United States of America 01.438
Foresti & Suardi S.p.A. Italy 01.557
Formosan Rubber Group Inc. Taiwan 04.516
Forniture Nautiche Italiane Italy 01.750
Fortress Marine Anchors United States of America 11.209
Forward Sailing Switzerland 11.318
Founder Stainless China 11.329
FPT Industrial Italy 01.837
FRANCE HELICES France 01.820
Frankentek Yacht Security Systems United States of America 10.411
French Nautical Industries Federation France 01.821
Frensch-Lighting Germany 04.227
Frigibar Industries, Inc. United States of America 09.705
Frigomar S.r.l. Italy 01.651
Frigonautica srl Italy 01.848
Frigus AB Sweden 09.106
FT-TEC Electronics GmbH Austria 05.304
Fuan Aidi Electric Co., Ltd China 02.122
FUCHS Fördertechnik AG Germany 10.527
Fuelcare Ltd United Kingdom 09.726
Fujifilm Europe GmbH Germany 05.105
Fullriver Europe Belgium 05.209
Function Electric Inc. Taiwan 01.767
Furrion United States of America 02.214
FURUNO Japan 01.223
Fusion Entertainment New Zealand 02.133
Future Automation United Kingdom 09.619
G.F.N. S.r.l. Italy 01.571
G.J Wortelboer Jr BV Netherlands 10.417
Gaastra Pro Gear B.V. Netherlands 01.707
Gabier'N Rigs France 04.117
Gallinea S.r.l. Italy 01.522
Gap Produzioni e Forniture Nautiche Italy 05.210
Garelick Mfg. Co. United States of America 11.415
Garmin United Kingdom 01.101
Gator Guards United States of America 11.515
Gaugler & Lutz oHG Germany CMP.12.EL
G-C Maskinfabriken A.B. Sweden 02.128
Geberit B.V. Netherlands 02.506
Gebo Marine Glazing B.V. Netherlands 01.317
Gecea Euro Trading AB Sweden 09.103
Gecko Head Gear Ltd. United Kingdom 03.200
Gelplane International / Hotvac Hullcure United Kingdom 03.112
Gemini Teakdekken en Jachtinterieurs B.V. Netherlands 10.301
Genuine Marine Co.,Ltd China 04.504
German Boatbuilders Association Germany 05.107
GFT Engineering Norway 09.321
GHS (General Hydraulic Solutions) United States of America 02.204
Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers S.r.l. Italy 01.763
Gill United Kingdom 03.303
Gill Sensors & Controls United Kingdom 03.220
Ginnacle Import Export Pte. Ltd. Singapore 06.101
GISATEX GmbH & Co. KG Mattress Manufacturer & Technical Textiles Germany 01.167
GL Yachtverglasung GmbH Germany 09.406
Glamox Aqua Signal GmbH Germany 04.231
Glasshape Ltd New Zealand 09.401
Gleistein Ropes Germany 01.226
Glendinning Marine Products United States of America 11.531
GLM Products, Inc. United States of America 11.533
Global Blue Holland B.V. Netherlands
Global Services United Kingdom 10.214
Global View Systems Ltd United Kingdom 09.717
GLOBALTEC SOLUTIONS United States of America 02.208
Gloma Nautica Spain 01.300
Glomex Italy 01.213
Gloso Tech. Inc. United States of America
GME Australia 11.818
GMM Global Maritime Management GmbH Germany 05.109
GN Espace Galley Solutions Ltd. United Kingdom 03.212
GOIOT SYSTEMS France 01.817
Golight, Inc. United States of America 11.402
GORDON & GAIA France 10.623
Gore Germany 04.545
Gori propeller ApS Denmark 09.313
GOST® - Global Ocean Security Technologies United States of America 01.708
Göteborgs Vattenskärningsteknik AB Sweden 11.331
Gottifredi Maffioli S.p.A. Italy 01.832
Grammer AG Germany 09.114
Grand Bleu Marine France 11.018
Grand Marine International Inc. Canada 02.221
Gréement Courant SA (Running Rigging) Switzerland 04.207
Green Star Marine Sweden 09.328
Greencorp Marine Australia 11.720
Griffin Group Singapore 09.326
Gross Mechanical Laboratories, Inc. United States of America 11.512
GS D.O.O. Slovenia 05.345
GUELT Nautic France 10.500
Guidi S.r.l. Italy 01.842
Guilbert Express France 04.306
Gurit United Kingdom CMP.50.EL
Gussi Italia S.r.l. Italy 01.227
Gussi Performance Sweden AB Sweden 01.234
Guy Cotten S.A. France 04.314
H+B technics GmbH+Co. KG Germany 11.700
HABA B.V. Netherlands 02.428
HAHN Gasfedern GmbH Germany 09.300
Hall Spars & Rigging Netherlands 11.024
Halyard (M&I) Ltd United Kingdom 11.710
Hampidjan Iceland 01.173
Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery Co., Ltd. China 01.123
Hangzhou Seanovo Power Machinery Co., Ltd. China 04.409A
Harken Inc. United States of America 11.221
Haswing Marine China 11.327
Hatz Nederland BV Netherlands 01.841
Haveco B.V. Netherlands 01.414
Hayn Enterprises LLC United States of America 11.611
Hazelett Marine United States of America MYP.08.EF
Headhunter, Inc. United States of America 11.516
Heinen & Hopman Netherlands 09.602
Hella Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH Austria 01.345
Hella marine New Zealand 01.345
Hella marine Netherlands 01.345
HEMPEL A/S Denmark 01.850
Henri Lloyd United Kingdom 03.105
Henshaw Inflatables Ltd. United Kingdom 10.703
Herot GmbH Germany 05.211
HFL Power & Air GmbH Germany 04.427
HIGHFIELD China 01.303
HiGrace Hardware Limited China 05.308
HIRUTEKNOVA S.L. Spain 06.207
HISWA Holland Yachting Group Netherlands 09.509
Hoefnagels Marine Netherlands 09.610
De Hoeve Multipower b.v. Netherlands 05.413
Holland Jachtbouw Netherlands 09.718
Holland Marine Parts Netherlands 01.129
Holland Marine Services Amsterdam BV Netherlands 10.400
Holt United Kingdom 03.400
Homer Taiwan 04.415
HOMEYACHT Slovenia 05.440
Hook Sistemas Spain 01.183
Horizon Reverse Osmosis United States of America 11.503
Hoses Technology SPA Italy 02.515
Houdini Marine Windows Ltd. United Kingdom 03.218
Hovercraft d.o.o. Slovenia 05.349
HP Watermakers Italy 01.465
Huasheng Flex China 05.341
Hubbell Marine United States of America 11.408
Huisman Maritiem b.v. Netherlands 09.524
Humphree AB Sweden 11.004
HyDrive Engineering P/L Australia 11.717
HydroHoist Boat Lifts United States of America 11.613
Hydromar Marine Equipment B.V. Netherlands 10.207
Hydrosta Netherlands 11.434
Hydrotab Greece 11.826
HyPS B.V. Netherlands 09.601
HyTEPS B.V. Netherlands 09.715
HYUNDAI SEASALL Republic of Korea 11.227
ICOM Inc. Japan 01.116
ICOMIA United Kingdom ENT.01
ICS Electronics United Kingdom 01.537
Ideaworks (London) Ltd United Kingdom 10.107
Idromar International S.a.s. Italy 01.846
IJssel Coatings B.V., De Netherlands 01.315
ILPA ADESIVI Italy 05.320
IMCI Belgium 01.201
IMDS United Kingdom 02.108
IMED Limited New Zealand 09.724
Imhoff Technical Sailing Wear Netherlands 01.110
Imnasa Spain 01.253
Imtech Marine Netherlands 10.308
Incidences Sails France 10.505
Index Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 03.228
Industrias Plasticas Castro S.A. Spain 01.257
Infinity Fabrics, LLC United States of America CMP.38.EL
Ingemar S.r.l. Italy MYP.47.EF
Inland and Coastal Marina Systems Ltd Ireland MYP.65.EF
INMARE - Astrea Società Cooperativa Sociale Italy MYP.23.EF
Innovative Coverings of America LLC United States of America 02.516A
Inoferro - GJK Techniek Netherlands 10.123
INO-ROPE France 04.207
Instanttrust Marine Netherlands 02.510
Intellian Technologies, Inc. Republic of Korea 01.112
Inter Boat Marinas B.V. Netherlands MYP.35A.EF
Intermarine Limited United Kingdom MYP.35A.EF
International Boat Industry United Kingdom
Interpump Group Spa Italy 05.227
Inventica Marine United Kingdom 03.230
IRM Ltd. Slovenia MYP.63.EF
Irons Brothers Ltd. United Kingdom 03.410
ISOCLIMA S.p.A. Italy 10.215
Isotop France CMP.36.EL
ISOTTA Italy 02.323
Italia Marine Italy 02.201
Italian Metal Work S.r.l. Italy 02.112
Italvipla S.r.l. Italy 01.833
ITC EUROPE France 01.722
Item Mare Italy 05.430
Ixel Marine - Fendress France 04.321
jaszwa Netherlands 02.425A
JDC Electronic S.A. Switzerland 02.426
Jefa Steering ApS Denmark 11.333
Jeppesen Italia S.r.l. Italy 01.171
Jiaxing Mansonshade Co.,Ltd. China 11.629
JK Medico Electronics Denmark 05.333
JL Audio, Inc United States of America 11.632
JLD International BV Netherlands MYP.28.EF
JLM Perkovic Croatia 05.529
JMP Corporation Republic of Korea 09.319
Jobe Sports International Netherlands 11.903
John Mast Denmark 09.307
Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics United States of America 11.115
Johnson Pump / SPX Flow Technology Sweden AB Sweden 02.311
Jotun Spain 01.240
JP3 S.A. France 01.814
Jubilee Clips United Kingdom 01.413
Jun Kaung Industries Co. Ltd. Taiwan 11.627
JVS Scheeps- en Industrietechniek BV Netherlands 09.501
Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. United States of America 11.600
Karver Systems France 11.213
Kasco Marine, Inc. United States of America 11.114
Kaya Ropes Turkey 04.425
Kayospruce United Kingdom 03.203
De Keizer Marine Engineering Netherlands 10.309
Kelvin Hughes/Chartco Ltd United Kingdom 01.119
Kenyon International Inc. United States of America 02.210
KEPMarine United States of America 10.208
Khan's Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan 11.816
King Plastic Corp. United States of America 11.417
KISUNG KORSTA Republic of Korea 11.122
Knaack & Jahn Schiffbau GmbH Germany 10.611
KNS Inc. Republic of Korea 06.200
Kobelt Manufacturing Company Ltd. Canada 01.434
Kohler Power Systems Netherlands B.V. Netherlands 11.217
Kohlhoff GmbH - specialized in deck equipment Germany 01.828
Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH Germany 10.305
Kong Myong E & T Republic of Korea
Kong S.p.A. Italy 01.318
KOPF Solardesign GmbH & Co. KG Germany 05.312
KORD Endustriyel Ip ve Iplik San. Ve Tic. AS Turkey 01.508
KORMARAN GmbH Austria 09.611
Koronakis, D. Greece 10.508
KPE Zeilmakerij / Dutch Mega-Yacht Service Netherlands 09.719
krake technology group Germany 04.426
Kroon B.V. Netherlands 02.223
Kuiper Dutch Marine Panels Netherlands 10.205
KUS United States of America 11.431
KVH Industries Denmark 01.130
Kwant Controls B.V. Netherlands 10.218
Kwik Tek Inc. United States of America 11.414
La Salle des Moteurs France 04.224
LADD Distribution - TE Connectivity Germany GmbH Germany 01.241
Lade OÜ Estonia 01.521
Lahnakoski Ab, Oy Finland 09.123
LALIZAS & MAX POWER & LOFRANS'-it Italy 01.445
LAMPSEA Greece 11.824
Lancelin, Corderie France 04.103
Land N Sea International United States of America 11.511
LANEX a.s. Czech Republic 01.363
LangmanRopes - Touwfabriek Langman BV Netherlands 01.341
Lankhorst Taselaar BV Netherlands 01.327
Lansdown Marine Products United Kingdom 03.404
Lantic Entertainment Systems B.V. Netherlands 10.300
Lasdrop United States of America 11.506
Laser Products Europe Ltd United Kingdom CMP.74.EL
LCJ Capteurs France 04.123
Leading Edge Turbines United Kingdom 03.420
Lecomble & Schmitt France 04.211
Lectrotab (Linear Devices Corp.) United States of America 11.526
Lee's Tackle, Inc. United States of America 11.634
LeeStrom GmbH Germany MYP.43.EF
LEHR LLC United States of America 11.521
Lenco Marine Inc. United States of America 11.400
Leo Livio Italy 05.318
Leon Sports Ltd. China 04.331
Lewmar Ltd United Kingdom 11.003
Life Cell Marine Safety Australia 11.713A
Lift Emotion B.V. Netherlands 10.307
LIGHTEU GmbH Germany 05.435
Liguria Produce Marine Consortium Italy 01.647
Lindemann KG, Robert Germany 01.525
Linden GmbH, M.u.H. von der Germany CMP.24.EL
LIROS Germany 01.330
LIVERANI S.r.l. Italy 01.165
LiveSavers United Kingdom 03.416
Lizard Italy 11.223
LLC Scientific Production Center "Rodemos" Russia MYP.36.EF
Lock&Charge Srl Italy MYP.53.EF
Lonako Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. China 04.329
Lonseal Flooring United States of America 11.731
Lopolight Aps Denmark 01.203
Lorima Carbon Masts France 10.200
LTC AB Sweden 11.212
Lumishore United Kingdom 03.210
Lumitec Lighting United States of America 11.505
Luxpanel International GmbH Germany CMP.14.EL
M.P.Veneers Pvt. Ltd. - Akanksha Enterprises India 05.407
MACE Netherlands 02.211
mad-living GmbH Germany 09.618
MADp B.V. - Marine Audio and Electronics Distribution Partners Netherlands 11.836
Maestrini S.r.l. Italy 02.508
Ma-Fra S.p.A. Italy 05.427
MAGGI GROUP S.p.A. Italy 11.918
Magic Marine Netherlands 11.223
MAGICOTEX S.r.l. Italy 01.836
Magma Products, Inc. United States of America 11.022
Magnum Top Gear Pty Ltd Australia 11.713
Magnus Marine United Kingdom 10.413
Majoni Plastics B.V. Netherlands 01.428
Makefast Limited United Kingdom 03.508
Manifattura Gomma Finnord S.p.A. Italy 02.102
Manson Anchors New Zealand 10.425
Mantagua France 01.813
Marble Automation BV Netherlands 09.512
Marble Automation BV Netherlands 09.512
Marco S.p.A. Italy 01.667
Maricer United Kingdom MYP.34.EF
Marina World Magazine/Loud & Clear Publishing Limited United Kingdom
Marine Accessories B.V. Netherlands 11.440
Marine Business S.A. Spain 01.179
Marine Data Systems Ltd. United Kingdom 05.326
Marine Dynamics United States of America 11.532
Marine Instruments Spain 01.706
Marine Leather Italy 10.524
Marine Town Inc. Taiwan 01.134
Marine Travelift, Inc. United States of America MYP.26.EF
MarineDiesel Sweden 09.330
Marinelec Technologies France 01.631
Marinetech Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG Germany 04.319
MarineTech Products Inc. United States of America 11.909
Marinetek Finland MYP.37.EF
Marioff Corporation Oy Finland 10.427
Maritex Europe B.V. Netherlands 01.421
Marlec Engineering Co. Ltd. United Kingdom 03.221
Marlen Textiles United States of America 01.802
Marlin International Australia 01.407
MARLIN SRL Italy 01.319
Marlow Ropes United Kingdom 03.301
MAROLOTEST France 04.212
MarQuip Netherlands 10.302
Marsili Aldo & C. S.r.l. Italy 01.409
Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Italy MYP.31.EF
Mascoat Netherlands 10.204
Mase Generators S.p.a. Italy 01.236
Master International Ltd. Taiwan 04.433
Mastervolt / Marinco Netherlands 02.321
Materia Exhibitions B.V. Netherlands CMP.48.EL
Matromarine products srl Italy 02.517
MATT CHEM France 04.210
MAVÉ B.V. Netherlands 06.301
Mavi Mare & Mancini S.r.l. Italy 01.622
MaxSea / Nobeltec France 04.109
Maxspar S.r.l. Italy CMP.61.EL
MAXWELL Netherlands 09.632
MAZU Sailcloth Denmark 09.116
McMurdo Group United Kingdom 03.405
MECANOREM Hydraulic Trailers France MYP.57.EF
Med S.r.l. Italy 01.834
MedAire Limited 10.621
Mehler Texnologies GmbH Germany 05.406
Mekanica Draghetti Snc Italy 05.127A
menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG Germany 05.316
Mercury Marine A Division of Brunswick United States of America 11.309
Mermaid Marine United Kingdom 03.411
Metalluminio S.r.l. Italy 10.408
Metalstyle Srl Italy 01.742
METALU Marinas France MYP.21.EF
METS - Marine Equipment Trade Show Netherlands

METYX Composites - Telateks Tekstil Urunleri San. Turkey CMP.65.EL
MFS-Tecnogroup Spain 01.804
MG Energy Systems B.V. Netherlands 05.125
MGA Italy MYP.10.EF
MIA srl Italy 01.502
MICROTEM Italy 09.418
Miele & Cie. KG Germany 10.706
Millstock Stainless Ltd United Kingdom 03.205
MINOX GmbH Germany 04.326
Mive Eco S.r.l. Italy 11.008
MMarine srl Italy MYP.06.EF
mobile, media & more Ltd. Germany 10.111
Moeller Marine Products United States of America 11.405
Moffatt & Nichol United Kingdom MYP.35.EF
Monteisola Corde Italy 02.112
Moody decking and Services Ltd United Kingdom 09.622
Morbern Canada 11.222
Moteurs Baudouin France 11.911
Motomar S.r.l. Italy 10.127
MRS Aqua GmbH Germany 04.547
MSP Technologies United Kingdom 03.125
MTN, an EMC Company United States of America 09.502
Muir Winches Australia Australia 09.506
Multiflex India 02.115
multiplex GmbH Germany 10.612
Mutlu Marine Turkey 02.422
MVG | Microwave Vision Group France 04.218
MZ Electronic S.r.l. Italy 01.542
MZ Electronic S.r.l. Italy 01.542
Naiad Dynamics United States of America 10.102
Nakashima Propeller Co. Ltd. Japan 05.433
Nammo LIAB AB Sweden 09.322
Nanni France 01.720
Nasa Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 01.634
National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) United States of America 11.602
National Marine Suppliers United States of America 10.529
Nauti Sattler e.K. Germany 05.522
NautiBuoy Marine Ltd United Kingdom 09.701
NAUTIC CLEAN Luxembourg 04.308
Nautic Flooring GmbH Germany 11.625
Nautical Structures Industries, Inc United States of America 10.520
Nauticalia United Kingdom 01.356
NauticSupport Netherlands 01.108
Nauticus Incorporated United States of America 11.525
Nautinox S.r.l. Italy 01.755
Nautipaints. Spain 10.507
Nautisail Ltd. Hongkong 04.309
Nautix Marine Paints France 01.623
Navalimpianti Tecnimpianti Group Italy 09.414
NAVALTECNOSUD srlcr Italy 05.223
Navico Netherlands 01.120
Navicom France 04.202
Naviline Industries UK United Kingdom 03.307
Navionics Italy 02.432
NAVIOP S.R.L. Italy 02.512
Navisafe Norway 01.133
Navix Oy Finland 09.119
NAVTEC RIGGING SOLUTIONS United States of America 11.542
Navylec - NavyBus France 04.206
Navyline Germany 04.125
Nawa Finland 09.125
Nedcam B.V. Netherlands CMP.60.EL
NeilPryde Sailing United Kingdom 03.320
Nemo Industrie Spa Italy 01.728
New Young-Star Metal Co., Ltd. China 11.010
Newstar Enterprises Limited China 11.711
Newthex Ned B.V. Netherlands 10.426
Nicoverken Marine Services B.V. Netherlands 10.402
Ningbo Metals & Wire Rope Fittings Co., Ltd. China 01.515
Ninghai Innovation Travelling Products Co., Ltd. China 04.407
Niro-Petersen KG Germany 10.702
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association United States of America ENT.02
NOA Aluminium AB Sweden 01.131
Nodus Factory (Labo sas) France 01.822
Nomad Power BV Netherlands MYP.58.EF
Nomen Products GmbH Germany 05.107
Nord Compensati S.p.a. Italy CMP.70.EL
North Sails United States of America 01.230
Northern Lights, Inc. United States of America 09.615
Novowood Marine Croatia MYP.37A.EF
NPS Diesel B.V. Netherlands 01.612
NRG Marine Ltd United Kingdom 03.106
NSI Belgium 01.140
NUMBER ONE Italy 09.403
NUOVA RADE Greece 01.431
NV Verlag / nv charts Germany 04.133
NVEQUIPMENT France 01.725
NZ Marine New Zealand 02.123
OBA Tradizione Futura Italy 03.431
Ocean Greece 01.427
OCEAN EQUIPMENT / NavPod / HoseCoil United States of America 01.309
Ocean LED Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 03.129
Ocean Signal Ltd. United Kingdom 03.121
Ocean Yacht Systems United Kingdom 03.120
Oceanair Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 11.009
Oceanvolt Ltd. Finland 09.214
Offshore Spars United States of America 11.320
Offshore Systems (UK) Ltd United Kingdom 10.707
Olcese Ricci S.r.l. Italy 01.659
Oldenburger Yacht Interior GmbH & Co. KG Germany 10.609
ONESAILOR Spain 05.434A
Onmar Sweden 09.301
Onwa Marine Electronics Co., Ltd.. Hongkong 11.919
Van Oossanen - Hull Vane Netherlands 10.618
Opacmare S.r.l Italy 01.231
OPEM Sistemi Italy 10.119
Optimum Time Ltd United Kingdom 03.335
Optiparts Netherlands 01.357
Orca Bay Ltd United Kingdom 03.214
Osculati Italy 01.649
OSMOSEA Watermakers Italy 01.835
Outboard Covers & Accessories United Kingdom 03.224
Outils Oceans France 04.203
OverBoard United Kingdom 03.327
P.L.A.M. S.r.l. Italy 02.105
Pacer Group, Inc. United States of America 11.413
Pacific Aerials Limited New Zealand 02.230
Palagi Marine Lights S.r.l. Italy 09.523
Palladium Technologies, Inc. United States of America 10.522
Palm Products Australia 11.718
Papadopoulos Plastic Profiles SA Greece 11.215
Parema S.r.l. Italy 01.138
Parma Plast as Norway 03.424
PASSAGE SAS France 01.619
PE Marine Designz Ltd. United Kingdom 03.113
Peguet France 01.724
PENNEL & FLIPO France 04.213
Performance Metals United States of America 11.530
Performance Yacht Painting France 09.405
Perida marine Netherlands 11.732
Perkins United Kingdom 03.500
Perko Inc. United States of America 11.311
Persico Italy 01.642
Petersen Stainless Rigging Limited United Kingdom 01.701
Pezzolano Ventilation Systems (PVS) Spain 11.926
Pfeiffer Marine GmbH Germany 05.105
Phoenix Marine Solutions United Kingdom 03.406
PIANETA GEMME Italy 09.704
Piening-Propeller Germany 10.606
Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek Netherlands 09.512
PIMEX STAINLESS Netherlands 11.030
Pinmar Supply Spain 06.205
Planus Italy 01.548
PLASTIMO France 01.816
Podgorje d.o.o. Šentjernej Slovenia 05.235
Polipodio S.r.l., E. Italy 01.645
Poly Flex Group Pty. Ltd. Australia 11.712A
Polyecim Composites France 04.204
Polyform AS Norway 09.312
Polyform U.S., Ltd. United States of America 11.618
Polymarine Ltd. United Kingdom 03.512
Poly-Planar Group United States of America 11.507
POLYROPES / Poly-Produkter AB Sweden 09.200
Pompanette LLC United States of America 01.349
Pontos France 01.731
Poralu Marine France MYP.03.EF
Port Supply United States of America 11.310
Powerdive Pty Ltd. Australia 11.715
POWERTEC OUTBOARDS Netherlands 01.245
Pratikel Ltd. Sti. Turkey 01.626
Praxis Automation Technology B.V. Netherlands 10.121
prebit GmbH Germany 05.208
PRETECH MARINE Republic of Korea 11.123
Prodim Netherlands 01.609
Professional BoatBuilder Magazine United States of America
Profurl S.A. France 01.723
ProLoc Marine Line Turkey 02.113
Promarine Ltd Finland 03.516
Promat International NV Belgium 04.417
Propspeed/ Oceanmax International Ltd. New Zealand 02.222
Propulse AB Sweden 11.642
Prospec Electronics United States of America 11.421
Protect Tapes Italy 01.553
PSP Marine Tapes United Kingdom 01.326
PUCADA TECH CO., LTD. Taiwan 04.421
Pump International Ltd. United Kingdom 03.110
PYI Inc. / Seaview Progress United States of America 11.606
PyroPol GmbH Germany 05.403
Python-Drive Netherlands 01.217
Qingdao HighLight Machinery Co., Ltd China 05.519
Qingdao seagull yacht co., ltd. China 11.539
Qingdao Tofun Marine Co., Ltd. China 05.500
Quantum Marine Stabilizers United States of America 10.311
Quick Marine Lighting Italy 01.333
Quick S.p.A. Italy 01.333
Quinn Marine Hardware Co., Ltd. Taiwan 11.917
Qwatersports Netherlands 11.920
R & D Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 01.312
R.W.O. Performance Sailing Equipment United Kingdom 11.337
Radio Zeeland DMP Netherlands 09.604
Railblaza Ltd. New Zealand 01.309
Rainman Desalination Australia 11.712
Rancati S.r.l. Italy 01.740
Ranieri Tonissi SpA Italy 05.430
Rapid Marine Ltd United Kingdom 03.122
Raritan Engineering United States of America 02.404
Raymarine UK Ltd. United Kingdom 01.111
Razeto & Casareto S.p.A., F.lli Italy 01.647
RBS Inc. United States of America 01.527
RDT United Kingdom 10.621
Recambios Marinos S.L. Spain 11.316
Recaro Maritime, Sun Marine Seats BV Netherlands 10.210
Reckmann GmbH Germany 01.229
RED S.r.l. Italy 01.239
Redtree Industries, LLC United States of America 11.622
Regatta AS Norway 09.303
Regatta Yacht Ropes Spain 01.435
Reggiani Nautica S.r.l. Italy 01.677
Renskib ApS / Renskib Professional Yacht Care Denmark 09.309
Resoltech France CMP.21.EL
Rhigo Marine Glazing Netherlands 01.630
Ripack Supplies France 01.815
Ritchie Navigation United States of America 02.205
Riviera S.r.l. Genova Italy 04.323
Rivoyre Ingénierie France CMP.05.EL
RM Nautical BV Netherlands 10.201
Roca Industry AB Sweden 02.533
Rolec Services Ltd. United Kingdom MYP.30.EF
Rollins Marine & Caravan Services United Kingdom MYP.45.EF
Rolls Battery Europe United Kingdom 03.413
Rolly Tasker Sails Thailand 01.800
Romar B.V. Netherlands 11.013
Rondal Netherlands 09.520
Ronstan International Pty. Ltd. Australia 11.721
Roodberg / Frisian Industries B.V. Netherlands 02.419
Rooster Sailing Ltd United Kingdom 03.414
Ropers Enterprises Co., Ltd. Taiwan 03.426
Ropeye Estonia 11.225
Roswell Wake Air Europe Netherlands 05.335
Rotax Marine France MYP.03.EF
ROTO d.o.o. Slovenia 04.401
RotorSwing Marine BV Netherlands 02.531
Royal Deck Netherlands 09.725
Royal Huisman - huisfit Netherlands 10.616
Rubber Design B.V. Netherlands 10.512
Rutgerson Marin AB Sweden 09.316
RYE Industrial Co., Ltd. China 04.529
SA Delahousse&Fils France 04.223
SA.FE S.N.C. Italy 01.551A
SABA Dinxperlo BV Netherlands 01.157
Sadira Marine Products Spain 01.246
Safety and Survival Systems International (3Si) United Kingdom 03.304
Safety Control Cable Ind. Co., Ltd. Taiwan 05.324
Sailing Technologies, S.L. Spain 02.229
Sailmon B.V. Netherlands 10.711
Saitech d.o.o. Slovenia 05.334
Samlex Europe B.V. Netherlands 06.300
Samui Corp Canada 11.814
San Giorgio S.E.I.N. Italy 01.840
Sandiline Slovenia 05.330
Sanguineti Chiavari S.r.l. Italy 09.706
Sanimarin France 01.635
Sanol AB Sweden 05.217
SATI Group S.p.A. Italy 01.831
Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH Austria 05.425
SAUMAG France 04.215
Savage Marine Ltd. United Kingdom 10.202
Save Marine France 04.221
Savoretti Armando & C. s.n.c. Italy 01.305
SBT United States of America 11.725
SC kompoziti d.o.o. Slovenia 05.332
Scam Marine d.o.o. Croatia 05.431
SCAN Antenna A/S Denmark 01.308
Scanstrut Ltd. United Kingdom 03.504
Scaregull United Kingdom 03.131
Scepter Canada Inc. Canada 11.107
Schaefer Marine United States of America 11.913
Schaeffertec GmbH Germany 04.539
SCHEIBER France 01.810
Schenker Italia S.r.l. Italy 01.749
Schmitt and Ongaro Marine Products United States of America 02.216
Scoprega Italy 05.123
Scot Seats KPM-Marine United Kingdom 03.329
Scotra Co.,Ltd. Republic of Korea 11.122
SCOUT Marine Antennas Italy 01.242
SCOVILL FASTENERS UK LTD United Kingdom 01.513
Sea Hawk Paints United States of America 11.429
Sea Recovery United States of America 11.501
SEA SAFE France 01.607
Sea Sure Ltd. United Kingdom 01.463
Sea Vision / Underwater Lights USA France 10.405
Seabung United Kingdom 03.102B
SeaCurity GmbH Germany 01.503
SeaDek Marine Products United States of America CMP.44.EL
seaEQ Netherlands 11.915
Sea-Fire Europe Ltd. United Kingdom 02.208
SEAFIRST ENGINEERING CO Republic of Korea 11.230
Seaflex AB Sweden MYP.25.EF
Seafury Surface Drives Limited Singapore 11.707
Seaglaze Marine Windows Limited United Kingdom 03.408
Seago Yachting Ltd. United Kingdom 01.535
Seaguard Italanodi srl Italy 02.127
Seajet Paint Netherlands 04.428
Seakeeper United States of America 10.716
Sealift2 International Limited United Kingdom MYP.38A.EF
Sea-Line yachting paints Troton Poland 01.461
Seamantec Kft. Hungary 11.830
SeaNet Group Switzerland 10.216
SeaSafe Systems Ltd United Kingdom 03.416
Seasmart Italy 01.137
SeaSmart Marine Ltd United Kingdom 03.103
SeaStar Solutions United States of America 02.416
SECUMAR Bernhardt Apparatebau Gmbh u. Co. Germany 04.332
SEI Marine Products United States of America 11.725
Seijsener Marina Services Netherlands 02.425
Seilfabrik Ullmann AG Switzerland 01.509
Seldén Mast AB Sweden 09.204
Selmar Technologies Italy 01.469
Sensolus - StickNSail Belgium 09.222
SERAFINI SRL Italy 01.827
Sevenstar Yacht Transport Netherlands 10.323
SF Marina System AB Sweden MYP.12.EF
Shakespeare Electronic Products Group United Kingdom 02.407
Shandong Province Yangxin HT Metal Products CO.,Ltd China 06.304
Shanghai Binxun Industrial Co., Ltd. China 05.302
Shanghai Eastsun Marine Co., Ltd China 04.311
Shanghai Far East FRP Boat Co., Ltd. China 01.361
Shanghai ShengCheng Shipping Technology Co., Ltd China 05.125A
ShenZhen Antop Technology Co.,Ltd China 04.431
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Himunication Technology Co., Ltd China 04.405
SHERWOOD / PENTAIR United States of America 01.354
Ship Motion Group BV Netherlands 10.318
SHOXS Seats Canada 09.511
SHURflo by Pentair Switzerland 01.352
Shurhold Industries United States of America 11.418
SI TECH AB Sweden 04.522
Sicomin France CMP.10.EL
SIDERISE United Kingdom 03.124
SIDERMARINE S.r.l. Italy 05.216
Sidewind Marine Canada 11.111
Sigmar Marine Italy 01.333
Sika Nederland B.V. Netherlands 01.233
Silentwind - Rulis Eléctrica Lda Portugal 02.516
Skytech Research Ltd. United Kingdom 03.520
SLAM - Italy Netherlands 01.610
Sleipner Motor AS Norway 11.807
SM Krom Yat ve Gemi Ekipmanlari Tas. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey 02.139
SMAR-Azure Ltd. United Kingdom 05.329
SmartPlug Systems United States of America 11.621
Smartrigging B.V. Netherlands 02.501
Solar Cloth System France 04.115
Solar Technology International Limited United Kingdom 11.638
Solara GmbH Germany 04.232
Solas Taiwan 11.433
Solbian Energie Alternative Srl Italy 05.310
Sole Diesel Spain 02.505
Solent Sewing Machines United Kingdom 03.518
SOLGAZ Sp. z o.o. Poland 11.804
Solimar S.r.l. Italy 01.741
Sommerfeld + Thiele GmbH Germany 05.200
Soottech B.V. Netherlands 10.112
Soprefa SA Portugal MYP.59.EF
Soromap France 04.205
SOS MARINE- Marine Safety & Rescue Equipment Specialists Australia 11.726
Soundings Trade Only United States of America 11.601
Soundown Corporation United States of America 11.207
Southern Ropes United Kingdom 01.321
Southern Spars New Zealand 01.106
Sparcraft France 01.818
SpecTec GmbH - IDEA Software Germany 10.615
Spectra Watermakers Inc. United States of America 01.310
Speich S.r.l. Italy 01.665
Spinlock Ltd. United Kingdom 03.300
SPORT PASSION France 04.316
Sprenger GmbH, Herm. Germany 05.101
Springfield Marine Company United States of America 02.509
Spurs Marine Manufacturing, Inc. United States of America 11.534
SPW GmbH Germany 05.204
SPYDERCO Inc. Netherlands 09.118
STABLE AS Norway 09.411
Van de Stadt Houtimport B.V. Netherlands 09.725
Stainless DownUnder NZ Ltd. & Kiwi Closures Ltd. New Zealand 10.411
Stalok Terminals Ltd United Kingdom 03.211
Standard Horizon United Kingdom 01.304
Star brite Marine Care Products United States of America 01.533
Star Investments Poland 11.817
STAZO marine Netherlands 11.201
STENSIT Netherlands 01.702
Sterling Power Products Ltd. United Kingdom 03.227
STEYR MOTORS GmbH Austria 05.325
Van Stijn Rijnwoude B.V. Netherlands 01.526
STM-Shandong Santong Rope Co., Ltd. China 04.403
Stone Natural Class Netherlands 10.116
Stones Marine Timber United Kingdom 10.709
STOPGULL - Sempre Abril, S.L. Spain 05.311
Stuekerjuergen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co.KG Germany 10.717
Sugatsune UK United Kingdom 01.322
Sumar Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. China 03.229
Sunbrella France 09.402
Sunware GmbH & Co. KG Germany 04.543
Superior Australia 11.724
Superyacht Business United Kingdom
SuperYacht Company B.V. Netherlands DT.01
Superyacht Doc / Atlas Carbon Products United Kingdom 03.202
SuperYacht Industry Netherlands
Superyacht Spares B.V. Netherlands 10.100
SUREFAS, next generation fasteners Netherlands 11.104
Survitec Service & Distribution T/A Crewsaver United Kingdom 03.114
Suzhou Allpass Mechinery Co.,Ltd. China 05.506
Sweboat Export Association Sweden 09.318
Swede Ship Sublift AB Sweden MYP.38.EF
Swedish Boatyard & Marina Equipment Sweden 09.110
Swissway Italy 09.528
Swobbit Europe Ltd. United Kingdom 01.442
Syntec Industries United States of America 11.411A
SYRLINKS France 01.824
Tack & Gybe International BV Netherlands 01.551
TackingMaster by ID/FX Denmark 02.124
Taco Marine Inc. United States of America 11.406
Taizhou Seaman Rigging Co., Ltd. China 05.224
Taizhou Shiyuan Machine & Electricity Co., Ltd. China 02.227
Taylor Made Products United States of America 11.420
TBS France 01.717
TBS Electronics Netherlands 04.413
TE Connectivity Germany GmbH Germany 01.241
Teakdecking Systems United States of America CMP.34.EL
Team McLube United States of America 11.325
Techno Fysica b.v. Netherlands 09.407A
Tecnicomar S.p.A. Italy 02.400
TECNOFORM SpA Italy 05.212
Tecnoinox S.r.l. Italy 10.317
TECNOMETALLI S.r.l. Italy 06.202
Tecnoseal S.r.l. Italy 01.675
Teignbridge Propellers Int. Ltd United Kingdom 11.825
Tek-Tanks Ltd United Kingdom 03.216
Tempress Products LLC United States of America 11.612
teplolys Belgium 11.820
Termometros Anvi Spain 01.142
Tessilmare S.r.l. Italy 01.667
Teufelberger AB Sweden 01.237
TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope Corp. - New England Ropes United States of America 01.237
Teufelberger Fiber Rope GmbH Austria 01.237
Textron Motors GmbH Germany 04.230
TF Marine S.r.l. Italy 02.203
T-H Marine Supplies Inc. United States of America 11.412
The Exhibition Coach Germany
The Superyacht Group United Kingdom 10.526
The Superyacht Group United Kingdom
Thermex Heat Exchangers United Kingdom 09.317
Thermowell di Renato Napoli Italy 05.225
Thetford Marine - Tecma S.r.l. Italy 01.218
ThrustEMS Bulgaria 04.532
Tides Marine International United Kingdom 02.104
Tietoset Ltd Marine Finland 09.216
Tijssen Elektro Netherlands 10.306
Tikal Marine Systems GmbH Germany 06.103
Tillman Domotics United Kingdom 10.104
TILSE GmbH Germany 10.605
TIMM SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Slovakia 01.514
T-Matix Solutions GmbH Austria 11.924
TMC Technology Corp. Taiwan 09.120
Todd Marine - Tracy International United States of America 11.528
Tony Team Ltd United Kingdom 10.705
Top Quality Auto Electric Products Co., Ltd. Taiwan 01.683
TOPLICHT Schiffsausruestung Germany 04.226
Topoplastic France 01.712
Torqeedo GmbH Germany 05.429
Total Technology Co.,Ltd. Republic of Korea 11.122
TOTALLUX BV Netherlands 10.312
TR Industries-SEAPOWER/MOLD RELEASE United States of America 04.536
TR INOX Italy 05.322
TR.EM. S.r.l. Italy 01.323
Trend Marine Products Ltd. United Kingdom 11.321
Trident Marine Systems United States of America 02.117
Trigentic AB Sweden 02.202
Triton Marine Republic of Korea 11.122
Trogear Marine Products United States of America 11.211
Tru-Design New Zealand 02.224
True Heading AB Sweden 09.210
TSCompany Limited OÜ Estonia 09.302
TURK M&Z d.o.o. Slovenia 05.237
Turning Point Propellers Inc. United States of America 11.409
Turnstyle Designs Ltd. United Kingdom 10.516
Turtle Marine Inc. Japan 11.705
TWIN DISC Belgium 02.539
Tylaska Marine Hardware United States of America 11.203
UBIMAIOR ITALIA by Dini Srl Italy 01.666
UCINA - Confindustria Nautica - Italian Marine Industry Association Italy 05.119
Uflex S.r.l. Italy 01.454
UK South Coast Marine Cluster United Kingdom 03.139
Ullman Dynamics Sweden 01.502A
Ullman Sails International United States of America 01.437
Ultra Fog AB Sweden 10.700
Ultralon New Zealand 02.228
Umbria Nautical Cluster Italy 09.600
UML United Kingdom 03.104
Underwater Lights Limited United Kingdom 10.104
Unimer Marine Sweden 05.432
UNITECK France 04.220
upffront GmbH Germany 01.828
Vaavud Denmark 02.124
Vanclaes Netherlands 05.419
Vandecasteele Houtimport Belgium 10.325
vdL Composites GmbH Germany CMP.24.EL
VDM / FORWATER France 01.718
Veco S.p.a. Italy 02.301
VEEM LIMITED Australia 10.320
Veethree Electronics and Marine LLC United States of America 11.519
Veleria San Giorgio S.r.l. Italy 01.549
Veritais Ltd. United Kingdom 09.609
Versari & Delmonte S.r.l. Italy 09.706
Versilia Supply Service Italy 10.421
VETUS B.V. Netherlands 01.329
Victron Energy B.V. Netherlands 01.543
Videoworks S.p.A. Italy 10.115
Vigouroux France 01.727
Viraver Technology S.r.l. Italy 10.511
Vision Systems France 10.523
Vistal Cleaning Products United Kingdom 03.102D
Vitrifrigo srl Italy 11.019
Volpi Tecno Energia S.r.l. Italy 02.520
Volvo Penta, AB Sweden 09.208
VSH Netherlands 11.906
V-Technology-Innovators BV Netherlands 10.704
Vyva Fabrics Netherlands 11.002
WAI Netherlands 05.300
Walcon Marine Ltd. United Kingdom MYP.32.EF
Walker Bay Boats United States of America 11.617
WamBlee S.r.l. Italy 05.113
Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Netherlands 10.415
Warwick Control Technologies Ltd. United Kingdom 03.102C
Watcheye AIS Netherlands 01.702
Waterline Design AB Sweden 09.104
Waterloop System Italy 11.023
Watt & Sea France 01.726
We Trade International AB Sweden MYP.24.EF
Weatherdock AG Germany 01.121
Webasto & Indel Webasto Marine Germany 11.603
WEMPE KG, Gerhard D. Division Chronometerwerke Germany 04.127
Wen's Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd. Republic of the Congo 11.436
Werkvreugde B.V. Netherlands 10.510
Wessex Resins & Adhesives Ltd. United Kingdom CMP.30.EL
Westacc B.V. Netherlands 02.528
Westerbeke Corporation United States of America 11.605
Wexco Industries, Inc. United States of America 11.419
Whale United Kingdom 01.444
WhisperPower Netherlands 01.449
WIC BV Netherlands 01.153
Wichard France 01.723
Wifionboard United Kingdom 03.102E
Wildeman Benelux BV Netherlands 01.340
Wilks United Kingdom 03.403
Williams Performance Tenders Ltd. United Kingdom 09.700
Wills Rildey Ltd United Kingdom 05.430
Wimäca International B.V. Netherlands 02.510
WinchRite by Sailology United States of America 01.681
Winmar Monitoring New Zealand 11.034
Winmar Racing New Zealand 11.034
Win-Tron Electronics United States of America 01.505
Wireteknik AB Sweden 09.101
Wise Handling Ltd United Kingdom 03.322
WK LED LTD Netherlands 09.709