17 - 18 - 19 November 2015

Each year the registration fee for DAME is donated to charity. Since 2005 Amsterdam RAI has been supporting AMREF Flying Doctors. Therefore AMREF is appointed as DAME charity by the Exhibition Committee, for every even year. Every other year all international marine related charities are invited to apply.

DAME 2015 funding

Certified marine-related public charities were invited to apply for the registration proceeds from the Design Award METS (DAME) competition.

The amount of the donation will be announced and presented during the Breakfast Briefing on Tuesday 17 November, the official opening day of METS 2015. To date DAME has raised approximately € 18,000 a year for worthy causes, with the actual amount of the donation depending on the number of entries registered.

Registration closed

Registrations to become the DAME Charity 2015 have closed on 19th June 2015. Charities interested in the DAME proceeds can contact METSTRADE organisation at metstrade@rai.nl to let us know their interest. They will be invited to apply in 2017.

There is no better platform to launch a new product and bring it to the attention of the entire marine industry and media than the DAME Award,” comments Irene Dros, Maritime Domain Manager at Amsterdam RAI. “The winners and the nominees gain priceless publicity and, by supporting a charity with the registration proceeds, Amsterdam RAI ensures that the wider society benefits too. In addition to the funds raised, we see that the chosen charity enjoys greater international recognition thanks to its association with the DAME. This is a win-win sutiation for all concerned.

Irene Dros Maritime Domain Manager

The proceeds go to: AMREF Sustainable water access for the Masai in Kajiado, Kenya

This project focuses on a reduction in the number of water-related deseases with the Masai by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation. With this project, approximately 50,000 people will have access to safe water. Approximately 16,500 people will have access to sanitation and these people will also be informed about the importance of good personal hygiene.

Amref - Flying Doctors Logo
Amref - Masai, Kenya, Mothers heading to clinic for immunisation
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Collecting water
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Young boy drinking water from a mug
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Two women fetching water


The Sailability foundation has used the donation to buy a Hanse 303 sailing boat, which they named METS, and an electric stearing device allowing disabled people to enjoy sailing.

www.sailability.nl »

Freedom Waters

Freedom Waters Foundation (FWF) is a non-profit organization that is enhancing lives through boating opportunities and marine related activities for people with disabilities, life threatening illnesses, youth at risk, and others with special needs. Freedom Waters has used the donation to create a “FWF in a Treasure Chest,” an easy to use package to start similar programs, so that many more individuals can benefit from being out on the water.

www.freedomwatersfoundation.org »

DAME Charities over the last few years

  • 2013: Sailability & Freedom Waters
  • 2012: AMREF Flying Doctors*
  • 2011: Stichting Sailing Kids
  • 2010: Whisper Boat Building Academy
  • 2009: AMREF Flying Doctors
  • 2008: International Federation of Disabled Sailing (IFDS)

* As agreed by the Exhibition Committee, AMREF Flying Doctors – the international charity supported by Amsterdam RAI - will receive the DAME donation every other year, as from 2012.