17 - 18 - 19 November 2015



Shoes in recycled sails

Category: Clothing and crew accessiores
Introduction date: 01/09/2014
Stand: 01.710
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Marine AGlaze

A Glaze Marine

A total surface sealant for the whole vessel ranging from paintwork, GRP, fabric and glass offering a guarantee on application to ensure maintenance of the vessel is vastly reduced and offering year round protection against UV colour fading. Warranties ranging from 6-12 months on our product range.

Category: Deck Equipment, sails and rigging
Introduction date: 18/11/2014
Stand: 03.126
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EMU-1 (Engine Monitoring Unit) - Dual Engine

Actisense (Active Research Ltd)

The Actisense EMU-1 is a specialised analogue to NMEA 2000 Gateway converting data from analogue engines to NMEA 2000. EMU-1 reports on engine operations, sharing information across the network. It can monitor 2 engines where each engine has 3 or less gauges requiring monitoring; or monitor fluid levels in up to 6 tanks at any one time. Its PC based configuration tool helps tailor EMU-1 settings.

Category: Marine electronics & Marine related software
Introduction date: 03/07/2014
Stand: 03.128
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Keyball Trapeze System

Allen Brothers

The latest design in safety trapeze harnesses, this product has been developed with the aim of reducing the risk of entrapment for trapeze sailors. This has been achieved by the removal of the hook from the traditional trapeze harness. The result of which is a product that is far safer than is currently available and many of the problems associated with similar systems have also been eliminated.

Category: Lifesaving and safety equipment
Introduction date: 18/11/2014
Stand: 03.206
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Antal Marine Equipment

Roller is a compact mooring cleat that can be closed by turning its horns. When closed, Roller prevents that maneuvers get caught. Only inboard rotation is allowed, increasing crew safety, while providing an extra foot-rest on deck. Unlike “wing-style” cleats, Roller’s rounded shape never damages any line. Differently than other pop-up cleats, Roller’s installation isn’t difficult or expensive.

Category: Deck Equipment, sails and rigging
Introduction date: 01/05/2014
Stand: 01.229
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AntiRoll BV

AntiRoll is a patented roll damping system for yachts. Its retractable dual-axis curved fin provides both stabilization underway and at zero speed. While underway the rotating high-aspect ratio fin reduces drag up to 75%, or can be retracted under the hull. At zero speed the flapping fin generates 2-3x larger lifting forces. The hybrid drive system results in lower power requirements.

Category: Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings
Introduction date: 12/09/2014
Stand: 10.321
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Command console 'BLADE'

Applied Marine Automation

Ultra slim ‘floating glass’ console, the ‘BLADE’, is to be unveiled at METS. The latest in Applied Marine Automation's range of Command consoles has extreme wide 42:9 and ultra slim glass screens. An ‘at a glance’ user interface maximises the touchscreen controls. There’s no need to navigate between pages, all key systems are available on one page with pop-ups for alarms and secondary functions.

Category: Marine electronics & Marine related software
Introduction date: 17/11/2014
Stand: 09.702
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Arctic Steel Sea Water Strainer

Arctic Steel

Arctic Steel manufactures the only high quality cast 2205 stainless steel sea water strainers available. They feature modern construction and metallurgy with innovative features for ease of use and clever design offering excellent performance. Our new Side-In, Side-Out model is being launched world-wide.

Category: Marina Equipment, boatyard equipment and boat construction tools and materials
Introduction date: 01/09/2014
Stand: 11.722
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Hydropack Hybrid Version

AS di Vito Labruna s.a.s.

Hydropack Hybrid version is a the only diesel - electric system that manages not only the propulsion of the boat but also fish gears and auxiliary installations and the production of electricity. Hydropack combines an Hydrostatic Transmission with an electric motor.

Category: Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings
Introduction date: 03/09/2013
Stand: 05.439G
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Dampf Bleutooth audio

ASA Boot Electro B.V.

Dampf audio is a unique built in Bluetooth audio system. By introducing the dimension of quality sound with Dampf Audio System, your guests can fulfill virtually every audio need. The Dampf is supplied also with an auxiliary in.

Category: Interior Equipment, furnishing, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins
Introduction date: 01/09/2014
Stand: 11.805
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