Amsterdam | 2020, 17 - 19 November

Dame Design Award Charity 2020

Each year the combined registration fees for the DAME Awards are donated to a nominated charity, as a way for the METSTRADE community to give something back to society.
The METSTRADE Exhibition Committee selects a charity to receive the funds each year. This can be either a single charity or two charities.

Charities can apply here:


The Little Optimist - Hope and inspiration

The Little Optimist Trust aims to offer hope and inspiration to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through talks, books and films, the organisation helps kids stay optimistic, while its Sailing Academy empowers them through skills training and therapy. The Little Optimist Trust also partners with key sponsors to raise funds for renovating and brightening up paediatric health care and education facilities. The trust has secured a spot at Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club to store the boats and run the sailing programme.

Sailing4Handicaps - New opportunities

The non-profit Sailing4handicaps creates prosthetic legs for people in developing countries. It was founded by married couple Elena Brambilla-Czyz and Wojtek Czyz, two successful former professional track and field athletes. The organisation’s catamaran Imagine is sailed by a specialised crew and fitted with equipment required to produce, test and fit prosthetic limbs. It has a modern 3D-printer that produces new prosthetic limbs which are donated free of charge to local people.

DAME Charities - over the years

2019: Sailing4Handicaps & The Little Optimist
2018: The Blue Marine Foundation & Wetwheels Foundation
2017: Sailing Kids & VOKK
2016: AMREF Flying Doctors*
2015: Sailability
2014: AMREF Flying Doctors* 
2013: Sailability & Freedom Waters
2012: AMREF Flying Doctors* 
2011: Stichting Sailing Kids
2010: Whisper Boat Building Academy
2009: AMREF Flying Doctors
2008: International Federation of Disabled Sailing (IFDS)

* From 2012 to 2016, AMREF Flying Doctors – the international charity supported by RAI Amsterdam - received the DAME donation every other year.