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Silentwind - Rulis Eléctrica Lda

Rulis Eléctrica Lda is the manufacturer of Silentwind premium range of products, which include wind generators, wind and solar hybrid kits, rotorblades and mounting systems. New products include Wi-Fi Antenna Kits for sailboats.
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DockAdd - Fender Systems

DockAdd is specialized in boat protection by inventing different kind of dock fendering systems which can be mounted on the side of every dock and offers total hull protection. DockAdd ensures the protection of both boat and dock by its unique energy absorption properties. The products offer continuous protection and high visibility around the dock edge allowing stress free docking. DockAdd offers a complete assortment of dock bumpers, dock ladders, corner wheels, bollards, inflatable megafender
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Cableries Namuroises S.A.

CÂBLERIES NAMUROISES (CN) , Belgian company established in 1934, is wholesaler of steel wire ropes for hoisting, drawing and stowing (for all kinds of hoisting such as winch, crane, trolleys, nautical rigging, offshore, fishing, shipping, work in forest, industry, agro-alimentary industry, handling, mining, petrol industry, harbour, etc. CN imports, transforms and exports steel wire ropes (galvanised, ungalvanised and stainless steel) of any type or size with or without PVC, Eltex or TPE coating.
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Unimer Marine

Unimer is a supplier within mooring compensators for leisure boats. We offer our distributors worldwide mooring products of high quality, enhanced design and innovation. Our Unimer Mooring Compensator with a unique and efficient locking mechanism is our high-end product which has been successfully received during several years. The Drainman is a fully automatic bilge pump, powered by the tug at the mooring created when the boat moves from the wind and waves.
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Pixel sur Mer

PIXEL SUR MER develops and installs high tech navigation equipment. Our company is renowned for its expertise in deployment of embedded systems integrating electronics, energy & computing. We have pioneered in France the development of boats’ stress measurement and structure analysis by optic fiber. PIXEL SUR MER provides its innovating "EXOCET" line: electronic systems including high frequency data acquisition & monitoring, advanced calculation, appendages control system, 2D&3D pilot solutions.
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CAPRIA Stacker Machinery

CAPRIA Boat Stacking Cranes and Launchers for dry-stacks is based in 2 semi-automated mechanisms working in line, so it is very fast (less than 3’/boat) and eco-friendly. This system allows free ground floor for parking or amenities and less initial investment because doesn't need concrete floor.
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DRYSTA powered by CAPRIA

Performing the entire automated and semi-automated drystack value, including project design, procurement, construction, operation, software and management. Providing and using CAPRIA Machinery.
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Airmar Technology

Airmar is a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of sensing technology for marine and industrial applications. The Company's product line includes advanced ultrasonic transducers, flow sensors, weather stations® instruments and electronic compasses used for a wide variety of applications including fishing, navigation, survey, level measurement, process control and proximity sensing.
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SECUMAR Bernhardt Apparatebau Gmbh u. Co.

Many companies have made safety in seafaring their area of work. However, hardly any of them have approached the subject with such high demands and with such sound scientific knowledge as Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u.Co from Holm. For more than 50 years now, this company which manufactures and sells lifesaving equipment under the brand name of SECUMAR has stood for innovative products.
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English Braids Ltd

English Braids is the leading British manufacturer of Sailing ropes and for over 50 years, our products have been used in many of the World's leading industries where quality standards are paramount. Production capabilities range from 0.5mm to 120mm, in a variety of constructions, optimised to meet the needs of our customers. Our partnership with DSM Dyneema is vital - allowing us to meet the needs of Superyachts and Megayachts, specialising in technical products underpinned with quality.
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