Amsterdam | 2021, 16 - 18 November

PC11 Pro Coated balsa, the latest innovation from CoreLite

PC11 Pro Coated balsa, the latest innovation from CoreLite


One of the “Pitch the Press” participants was Core Lite Composites. They presented their latest innovation, the PC11 Pro Coated balsa. This is the next generation of Balsa Core and it can reduce resin uptake up to 76% when compared to uncoated balsa cores, saving weight and resin cost. BALSASUD® Core is the finest end-grain balsa wood core material in the market, ideal for sandwich construction. It has remarkable physical properties, starting with its outstanding strength-to-weight ratios (high shear and compression strength). It is a completely organic, sustainable and renewable resource coming from Ecuador.

Balsa core resin uptake was compared for the standard PC11 formulation, and for the newly developed PC11 Pro formulation against non-coated balsa. BALSASUD® Core was UV coated with PC11 Pro coating and then vacuum infused. The results show as expected: that the new PC11 Pro formulation achieves significantly lower resin uptake compared to the standard formulation.

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