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The Superyacht Forum announces its theme: The 10-year blueprint

The Superyacht Forum announces its theme: The 10-year blueprint


The Superyacht Forum, held in association with METSTRADE, will take place from 13 - 16 November. The programme’s discussions will have a clear and strategic theme: A 10-year Blueprint for the Superyacht Market.

The 10-year blueprint will explore how the superyacht industry can work together and ensure a sustainable, stable and successful marketplace for the next decade, with a clear focus on the next generation of clients.

In various sets of ‘streams’ in The Superyacht Forum programme, the theme will manifest itself by covering the intricacies of the superyacht world and reflect the individual sections found within the pages of The“new” Superyacht Report and on the enhanced web

Decision-makers, influencers, and advisors, from within the market and outside the superyacht world will bring thought-provoking ideas and business models to the industry. The discussions that will take place will provide a wide-range in subject-matter and will ask both the presenters, experts, panellists, and the 800+ delegates, to address the following topics and ideas in a series of workshops, keynotes, lightning talks, and many new innovative conference styles and structures:

How can we future-proof project and product development, with a closer look at building superyachts that make sense?

What does the next generation want and can we offer a new value proposition?

How can we engage with new customers and improve the business models; what do potential clients think of our industry and product?

Are superyachts too expensive to build, buy or own, in today’s economy?


What will a superyacht be used for in the future?

With more focus on privacy and security, can superyachts be seen as the new private island?

Can we improve the efficiency and lifecycle management of ownership, to reduce depreciation and costs?

How can we make superyachts the must-have asset for the current and future generations of UHNWIs?

Can we make the buying process more transparent, approachable and easier to understand?

Do we design superyachts that make sense to potential customers?

Is there a new type of superyacht that needs to be explored and evolved?

Can we design superyachts with multipurpose use and more flexibility?

Using data-driven market forecasting and trends in ownership we need to understand:

Where have we come from, where are we now, and where do we want to be?

What have we learned and are we changing as a result of those lessons?

What do our past and present customers really think of the industry and all of the various actors they rely on?

Is there a new way of owning and using a superyacht?

What makes potential owners buy, sell, or charter?

The 10-year blueprint will be driven by industry figures, observers and experts, debating the above key issues related to the current market, but will also look to other industries in order to understand how they are future-proofing their businesses and adapting to the changing global landscape.

The Superyacht Forum’s partnership with METSTRADE will ensure that the event will be a resourceful and valuable for every attendee. Click here to see how the themes will shape the discussions at The Superyacht Forum and click here;to secure your place today.

The Superyacht Forum will take place 13 - 16 November 2017 in Amsterdam.

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