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World Sailing invites your input on sustainability

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Here is a chance to have your say on a major international sustainability initiative that will impact our leisure boating community!   

Last year we published an article about how the sailing regatta world is raising the awareness level around sustainability matters, and setting positive examples for our industry to follow.

We mentioned that World Sailing Organisation, the governing body for the sport of sailing, had announced their new sustainability strategy, and a leading group of experts had been appointed to its first sustainability commission.

The commission is chaired by Mike Golding OBE, one of the world’s most accomplished and successful offshore sailors, and Dan Reading has joined the team as Sustainability Program Manager. Dan was London’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Competition Sustainability Manager, and has worked with several organisations implementing sustainable event management systems, including RYA / British Marine, Land Rover BAR, and the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy. 

World Sailing Sustainability Agenda 2030 is launched.

In November 2017 World Sailing launched a bold ambition for sailing’s contribution to global sustainability at its Sustainability Forum, which was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A video of the entire conference can be viewed here:

At the Forum, World Sailing announced its Sustainability Agenda 2030 which sets out the organisation’s commitment to helping create a better world through sport. Sustainability Agenda 2030 includes a series of challenging targets across technical standards, events, training, venues and facilities, members and participation.

The programs that were presented in Mexico kicked-off a four-month consultation process, with a plan to have the targets finalised and published in the Spring of 2018.

Now you can have your say…see below for details.

Dan Reading has said that he is keen to share the findings and targets with the METSTRADE Community, acknowledging the fact that our outreach towards all sectors of the leisure marine industry will be helpful in spreading the word and attracting more participation.   

But first he would really like us all to be involved in the consultation process, by taking the opportunity to complete World Sailing’s Sustainability Survey. This will help the organisation to set out their targets with the widest possible participation from stakeholders across our industry.

The final date for completion of the survey is 28th February 2018. It’s available online now, and can be completed in English, French or Spanish languages.

You can find the links to the survey via the below World Sailing social media pages:



So, do please take some time to fill in your response, it's great that we can all be part of this process, and we will make sure to share the results with you later this year!

What is in the World Sailing Sustainability Agenda 2030?

The agenda is headlined as ‘a bold ambition for sailing’s contribution to global sustainability.’ You can review the entire, very detailed consultation document here:

Here are just a few highlights that we have selected from the agenda.

The Vision:

World Sailing has a clear and ambitious vision as follows:

A world in which millions more people fall in love with sailing; inspired by the unique relationship between sport, technology and the forces of nature, and where we all work to protect the waters of the world.

The six key recommendations:

1)  Deliver Sustainability through Technical Standards.


  • Collaborate with the marine industry associations and other sectors to promote more sustainable equipment and maintenance regimes producing best practise guides by 2020.
  • Require a 50% reduction in boat building waste (by weight) across World Sailing Classes by 2030.

 2)  Deliver Sustainability through Events.


  • Be the first International Federation to achieve and maintain a third party certified ISO 20121 management system - A specification for sustainable events in 2018.
  • Abolish the use of single use plastics at all of its events by 2020.

3) Deliver Sustainability through Training.


      * Collate and share best-practise sustainability resources and training programs from other organisations centrally and promote to MNAs and class associations

  • Include modules on sustainability in all World Sailing training/coaching programs by 2020.

4) Deliver Sustainability through Venues and Facilities.


  • Create an award which will recognise sustainable practices amongst venues by 2018.
  • Work with key industries to promote new products used in our sport with a lower environmental impact and work to make these available to sailors across the world by 2024.

5) Deliver Sustainability through our Members.

One of World Sailing’s greatest assets is its members, which includes 145 Member National Authorities and 115 Class Associations.

Collectively the members have the greatest ability to create a more sustainable sport.

6) Deliver Sustainability through Participation.

World Sailing will work across its network to ensure that as well as supporting existing sailors, it will aim to introduce the sport to the next generation.

For example, welcome everyone to the sport of sailing and pay particular attention to underrepresented groups, working with partners to eliminate barriers to participation.

Please note: There is a lot more in the full document if you have time to read it, the above is just a flavour of the content. 

If you don’t have time to complete the survey, but have any suggestions or ideas that you would like us to pass on to the World Sailing Organisation, do please leave them in the below comment box.  

Many thanks for your interest! 

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