Amsterdam | 15 - 17 November 2022

FAQS - Exhibiting

In order to cope with the challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account that there may still be difficulties with regards to long-haul travel this November we have decided to offer the industry a clear and realistic plan in advance. With this early set lay-out we create certainty and clarity and minimize last-minute show changes.

The decision to accommodate all exhibitors in Halls 1- 7 is based on data, forecasts and in-depth consultations with our partners (i.a. ICOMIA, Exhibition Committee, the national Marine Industry Associations). Despite the smaller footprint we will manage to accommodate up to 80% of the exhibition space used at the record-breaking METSTRADE 2019 edition.

We have been creating a smart layout in Hall 1-7. Here are some examples:

  1. The new extension of Hall 5 delivers significant more exhibition space;
  2. Terraces and catering areas will be relocated to the balconies, overlooking the show floor;
  3. All lounges (i.a. VIP lounge, Exhibitor Lounge) will be brought to the Elicium Ballroom;
  4. The various stages will be condensed into one Main Stage in 2021. Its content will be livestreamed towards the METSTRADE Connect Platform.
The safety of all our guests and employees is our highest priority. The new METSTRADE 2021 layout will be fully compliant with the RAI Health & Safety Protocol and the local authorities. A network of so called Safety Corridors (the aisles have a 4m width) will be laid out in all exhibition halls of the event.
Hall 7 will offer sufficient space to SYP and comes with the advantage that all SYP exhibitors will be in one single area. All exhibitors will be allocated according to the Allocation Procedure.

The team has developed a fair and solid allocation procedure in order to allocate METSTRADE 2021. Important historical data such as customer loyalty (how many editions exhibited) and stand layout (i.a. surface, configuration) will be the basis for an exhibitor ranking. When conducting the allocation the team will consistently follow this exhibitor ranking. The result is a fair and proven process that was already used at many other RAI exhibitions.

We obviously intent this edition to be a one-off allocation procedure, for the 2021 edition only. All exhibitors will receive a waiver in their allocation letter which clearly emphasizes that no rights can be derived from the temporary location at METSTRADE 2021.

We aim to prevent deducting the stand size of exhibitors, the 2020 stand-size will be leading.
It is important to understand that we cannot convey with individual exhibitors about their this years’ stand location. We trust on your understanding.

With the METSTRADE 2021 policy on regional representation we aim to offer comfort to exhibitors from non-European markets. Non-European manufacturers will be able to appoint their authorised European distributor or representative as a back-up to man their stand at METSTRADE 2021. This will ensure that METSTRADE will remain the platform where the prime of top notch marine products from all over the globe are exhibited.

The possibility to have a stand be staffed by an authorised distributor or representative is offered under the following conditions:

  1. Only for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) from outside the European Territory (European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland);
  2. The OEM should make the registration directly with RAI Amsterdam;
  3. All METSTRADE 2022 correspondence will be sent to the OEM;
  4. The OEM will remain the invoice address and remains responsible for all expenses;
  5. The OEM will send a notification to the METSTRADE Show Team ( which includes full contact details of the authorised distributor or representative that will be manning their stand;
  6. Once the stand personnel registration is open, the information of the distributor or representative manning the stand is filled in by the OEM.
We intent to return to the 2020 layout as soon as the situation allows us to. The current changes will affect the exhibitors’ 2021 location. For METSTRADE 2021 the 2020 floor plan will be our main reference.
We will frequently issue Exhibitor Update newsletters to all registered exhibitors. Consult the METSTRADE Show website and Exhibitor Portal (for registered exhibitors only).
Please send an e-mail to and we will get back to you shortly.