Thursday, 10 December 2020

TechTalk: The Shipyard | Superyacht Pavilion

This TechTalk is produced in association with The Superyacht Group and is brought to you by Savage Lighting.

Moderator: Martin Redmayne (Chairman and Editor in Chief at The Superyacht Group)

Speakers: Rene Bremer ( Global Account Manager Superyacht at Akzo Nobel), Bram Jongepier (Senior design specialist at De Voogt Naval Architects), Robert van Tol (Executive director at Water Revolution Foundation)

The Sustainable Shipyard – Reducing & Reusing

There is a huge interest in sustainability and environmental impact within the Superyacht space, with the language being mainly focused on building greener yachts and reducing their impact on the planet. This session will discuss the manufacturing process and the supply chain, to explore how we can reduce our footprint, impact, time, waste and energy requirements in the whole process of building the fleet.