METSTRADE and Water Revolution Foundation team up to drive and facilitate sustainability in yachting

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

METSTRADE, the world’s largest B2B platform for the leisure marine equipment industry, is proud to support Water Revolution Foundation as the non-profit’s first strategic trade show partner. Water Revolution Foundation’s mission is to drive sustainability in the superyacht industry through collaboration and innovation. This is in line with METSTRADE’s focus on sustainability. During the past five years, METSTRADE has been an important driver of sustainability in the global boating industry and developed into a platform for the many sustainability initiatives. This strategic partnership will benefit the maritime industry by making sustainable solutions more accessible, visible and verifiable.

One of Water Revolution Foundation’s key activities is to promote new sustainable technology and empower innovation – something very much in line with the various pavilions and innovation labs METSTRADE facilitates during its annual trade show. As the linking pin between innovative, sustainable technologies and the global yachting industry, the two organisations can work together to promote and find sustainable solutions for the yachting industry, specifically to reduce its ecological footprint.

“It was great that we could count on immediate support from METSTRADE, right from the day we launched at its 2018 edition. They clearly understood what Water Revolution is out to achieve and why what we are doing is so important. For years, METSTRADE has provided the physical platform for what Water Revolution aims to promote in terms of technical solutions and stimulated the adoption of these,” said Robert van Tol, Executive Director of Water Revolution Foundation.

Connecting people behind the many initiatives

Through offering a platform for the industry, METSTRADE also aims to connect the people behind the many initiatives in the global industry and activate them to join forces and make a bigger effort together. Only together can we really make the difference! Not just during and at the show, but also year-round with content on the website, highlighting several projects, initiatives and trends in the global industry.

“We’re keen about sustainability and when we heard about Water Revolution’s mission to reduce the ecological footprint of the superyachting industry, the question wasn’t whether we should support the foundation, but rather, how. This partnership will work both ways. METSTRADE has been a strong B2B platform for many years and we can now utilise this position to help accelerate the shift, ” said Irene Dros, Maritime Director of METSTRADE.

Ecological footprint

The METSTRADE team is constantly working to provide an exhibition environment which is as green and sustainable as possible. Every year steps are being taken to reduce the ecological footprint of the event even further and we welcome each and every initiative that makes the show, as well as the industry, future-proof. The first METSTRADE sustainability report will be launched during the 2019 show and will be updated every year after.

With affluent clientele and a unique connection with the ocean, the superyacht industry is well-positioned to take the lead and drive the entire maritime industry towards a more sustainable global fleet. Water Revolution Foundation is taking a leadership role and, along with promoting and empowering new technology and innovations, will pro-actively create the industry’s own sustainability agenda, going beyond legislative requirements, as well as support proven ocean conservation initiatives.