METSTRADE 35th anniversary
Amsterdam | 15 - 17 November 2023

Start-Up Pavilion

In a groundbreaking move, METSTRADE and Yachting Ventures will team up to introduce the Start-Up Pavilion, an innovative platform for emerging startups to showcase their latest products and technologies. This marks the first time ever that METSTRADE will host such an event, demonstrating their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in the industry.

The Start-Up Pavilion will feature 15 carefully selected companies who will have the opportunity to exhibit their cutting-edge ideas throughout the 3-day event.


In Hall 7, METSTRADE has designated a spacious area for the Start-Up Pavilion that can accommodate up to 15 start-ups. The pavilion also features two terraces suitable for networking, meetings, and co-working activities. Yachting Ventures, a global hub for start-ups in the leisure marine and yachting sectors, will be responsible for identifying and inviting start-ups that meet the criteria for participation, as well as organizing a start-up focused panel discussion and a pitching competition to be held at the METSTRADE Theatre. A start-up, as defined for this event, is a company that is in its early stages of operation, with an annual turnover of less than €500,000 and/or has been operating commercially for less than two years. Yachting Ventures offers founders the necessary resources, education, and opportunities to expand their businesses and raise funds.

Would you like to participate in the Start-Up Pavilion, please fill in the Application Form. Should you have any questions contact Yachting Ventures

Start-Up Pavilion Brochure