The exhibitor story of: Barton

What is your most memorable METSTRADE moment throughout those 35 years?

Certainly Barton remembers the early years when we first launched the company under new ownership by David Coleman who attended the first METSTRADE in 1988. But the most memorable moments were taking the spotlight position in “Belship Blvd” in Hall 1 in the early 90s with our full range displayed across the Stand. We recall winning the Dame Award for the Barton ClamSeal in 2004. We recall the 30th year anniversary of METSTRADE when we were presented with a huge bouquet of balloons to commemorate our 30 years exhibiting at METSTRADE – and now, never missing a single METSTRADE in 35 years is awesome!

What makes your company come back to METSTRADE year after year?

METSTRADE provides projections for marine sales when all our global customers attend and provide feedback on their past year - and forecast for the year ahead. We launch our new innovations to customers and get immediate press cover for the new equipment. No other venue or event compares with the reach of METSTRADE to the marine trades worldwide. 

How did your exhibiting experience change throughout the years?

We grew from a single 3 meter space with a table in front manned by one person in 1988 – to an all “dancing and singing” 33 square meter space with interactive displays, manned by a full Barton team of technical and sales staff and presents a Press Party that has become a “must attend” event for customers and journalists alike.

Throughout the 35-year history of METSTRADE, what was the most significant challenge that your company encountered, which affected your participation in the event?

Unlike many companies, Barton never closed during the pandemic as we considered our products essential for the marine trades, Although we ensured keen safety procedures and protection for staff, we stayed on top of deliveries that kept our customers in business around the world - - and this included exhibiting METSTRADE during this tumultuous period.

What direction do you envision for the METSTRADE brand in the next decade and what accomplishments do you hope to have at the next show anniversary?

We are very pleased and proud to be the initiator and one of the first sponsors of the Women in Marine Event at METSTRADE 2022. We foresee this well attended program to remain a vital expression which supports the significance of women in the marine trades. We will be proud to show our new product launches this year which includes a return to the heritage line of Barton TuffBlox for marine and industrial users.

What is your most fun moment throughout the years?

The year we launched our Victory Range of Classic Wooden Blocks, we provided 3 point feather plume hats for those in the stand which had extraordinary photo appeal during and after METSTRADE.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

When my husband and owner of Barton Marine died in 2014 leaving the company in my care, attending METSTRADE that first year without him felt overwhelming. But actually, the companionship and support from colleagues from around the world at METSTRADE inspired, empowered and gave me the confidence to move the company forward, growing from strength to strength. Beyond innovation, METSTRADE is a celebration of marine industry camaraderie that is unmatched on the world stage.