19 - 20 - 21 NOVEMBER 2024


NMEA Marine Electronics Installer Training courses

Training course information

Where: RAI Amsterdam Elicium, Room D 203 - second floor
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 hrs
Each training course runs from 09:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs each day, with lunch included.
When: Monday, November 13 – Basic Marine Electronics Installer (MEI)
Tuesday, November 14 – Basic NMEA 2000 Installer
Wednesday, November 15 – Open Session OneNet - The High-Bandwidth Marine Ethernet Solution
Thursday, November 16 - Advanced Marine Electronics Installer (AMEI)
Friday, November 17 – Advanced NMEA 2000 Installer
Pricing Pricing for the Basic MEI, Basic NMEA 2000 and AMEI training courses are $ 450 (member) / $ 650 (non-member).
Pricing for the Advanced NMEA 2000 training course is $ 650 (member) / $ 850 (non-member)
Questions? Contact Cindy Love, +1 410 975 9425 or clove@nmea.org
Course materials are sent out in advance, please sign up early.

Each training course runs from 09:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs each day, with lunch included and a 50 question multiple choice certification exam at the end of each training course.

Monday November 13 , 2023 | Basic Marine Electronics Installer - MEI

The Basic Marine Electronics Installer Course is suitable for marine electronic installers, engine mechanics, boat builders, riggers, product designers, surveyors, etc. This is an introductory course in marine electronics installation that clarifies and defines competent installation practices. This course is offered both in person and on line. An MEI certificate is an indication of a working knowledge of NMEA’s 0400 Installation Standard. The MEI Training class includes all of the following installation topics and subjects: General Knowledge, Coaxial Cable Installations, Antenna Installations, Marine VHF Installations, Automatic Identification System (AIS) Installations, Displays & Black Box Installations, Trolling Motor Installations, Marine Stereo Installations, Transducer Installations, Heading Sensor Installations, LED Lighting Installations, NMEA Data Interfacing, EMI Troubleshooting, and Radar Installations.

Price: $ 450 member / $ 650 non-member


Tuesday November 14 , 2023 | Basic NMEA 2000 Network Installer - N2K

This course covers the following topics: Cables, Connectors, Specifications Physical Planning & Documentation, Power Sources & Distribution, Voltage Drop Calculations, Data Messages (Parameter Group Numbers), Connecting to Other Data Sources, Network Setup, and Troubleshooting. Students will be guided through building a basic NMEA 2000 network at the conclusion of the training course.

Price: $ 450 member / $ 650 non-member


Wednesday November 15 , 2023 | The High-Bandwidth Marine Ethernet Solution

The OneNet Standard is now available, providing manufacturers with a common network infrastructure for marine devices and/or services on IPv6. All OneNet application protocols, such as PGN Messages, are designed to use a standard IPv6 network protocol stack.
NMEA OneNet brings new levels of flexibility using IPv6 and the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Local Area Network. OneNet provides a common network infrastructure for marine devices and can support high-bandwidth applications such as audio/video data transport.
We invite you to join our open session to learn more about the OneNet Standard and how it can benefit your organization.

Open session  


Thursday November 16 , 2023 | Advanced Marine Electronics Installer - AMEI

This advanced installer class is designed for the Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) who wishes to achieve competency in advanced topic areas and concepts. An Advanced MEI certificate is an indication that a mid-level installer has a working knowledge regarding commissioning of a boat and installing more complex marine electronic devices. The program will go in depth on proper installation of Computers, Ethernet, NMEA 0183, Autopilots, Radar, Gyros & Satellite Compasses, Satellite Communications Antennas, VHF & DSC, Single Sideband, AIS, and EMI.
Pre-requisite: Student must have taken the basic MEI Installer Training class.

Price: $ 450 member / $ 650 non-member


Friday November 17 , 2023 | Advanced NMEA 2000 Network Installer - AN2K

The NMEA2000 advanced course focuses on installations, setup, and diagnostic troubleshooting of moderately complex NMEA 2000® networks. The class consists of a PowerPoint presentation followed by "hands on” and the included class lunch. Students split into small groups at classroom work stations equipped with NMEA 2000® networks. The purpose of the hands-on portion is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the ability to build, configure, backup network files and evaluate network conditions using the diagnostic tools shown in the class. The training class features NMEA 2000®-certified products from major manufacturers such as Furuno, Garmin, Simrad, Raymarine, Maretron, Actisense and Airmar, including multi-function displays (MFDs), Instruments and sensors of the same function which require instancing. Most importantly, this allows students to get familiar with the diagnostic tools used in the training and offered to students at special reduced pricing from the NMEA. Please note there is absolutely no outside test equipment allowed in the class by students.
Pre-requisite: Student must have taken the basic NMEA 2000 Installer Training class.

Price: $ 650 member / $ 850 non-member