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Exhibition committee

The METSTRADE Exhibition Committee is an advisory board that consists of executives of exhibiting and visiting companies who act as the voice and trend watchers of the global leisure marine industry. Established in METSTRADE's inaugural year 1988, many respected industry leaders have been part of the committee and have been major contributors to the successes of the METSTRADE Show throughout the years.


Responsibilities of the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee

Every committee member primarily has an advisory and informative role and will be consulted for a variety of (strategic) issues which are expected to have impact on METSTRADE Show and its concept. Topics that are typically addressed:

  • Concept / strategy / show development
  • Reports / updates on the industry developments
  • Exhibition programme and (new) events
  • Marketing – (new) target groups, media choices etc.
  • Appointment of new Exhibition Committee members

Three times per year the committee convenes to brainstorm, review and discuss these current and future matters.

Membership Policy of the Exhibition Committee

The committee's members are invited by Amsterdam RAI, and appointed by the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee, each January a current member steps down after serving the committee for 6-8 years, and a new member is welcomed every year. The committee is chaired by the Director Maritime, and is accompanied by the METSTRADE exhibition managers. ICOMIA and its members are represented via their CEO, who has a permanent seat in the committee and in addition, 5 to 6 exhibitors represent a variety of segments within the equipment manufacturer market. New members are appointed by RAI Amsterdam, with the approval of the remaining committee members. The term of membership is 5 to 6 years and subsequently every year part of the committee changes.

Members of the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee

Niels Klarenbeek

In his role as Director METSTRADE Niels Klarenbeek simultaneously as the Chair of the Exhibition Committee at METSTRADE. His journey to this leadership position has been marked by over 15 years of professional dedication within the realm of international trade exhibitions at the RAI Amsterdam.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Niels is a passionate water sports enthusiast, reflecting a deep-rooted connection to the industry he serves. In his leisure time, he finds solace and exhilaration in sailing the picturesque Frysian lakes. This personal connection to the world of water sports not only underscores his dedication to METSTRADE but also fuels his commitment to advancing and enhancing the exhibition's offerings.

Andrea Razeto

Andrea Razeto

Managing director of F.lli Razeto e Casareto – a historic Italian manufacturer of locks, handles and other boat accessories -, Andrea Razeto is one of those personalities who represent the boating industry to the full, who know the sector in all its facets and with whom you would talk for hours. Born in Recco in 1967, Andrea Razeto is dedicated to administering Razeto e Casareto, an Italian excellence founded in 1920 and today appreciated by boatyards all over the world.

Antoine Thomas

Antoine Thomas took over ENO, a centenary company leader in galley equipments for boats, in 2003 with a partner and together they hold 67% of the capital. He is in charge of the business development and as well sales & marketing for the group (ENO and F0RCE10). He has been working a lot to increase the international availability of the brands for both OEM and aftermarket. Before he worked at Coca Cola Enterprise for 10 years in France and Europe in both operations and sales in senior management positions. Antoine lives in La Rochelle (France), with his family, not far from the factory. Antoine and his family are great fans of sailing.

Bob Rudolph

Bob Rudolph is the Vice President of International Sales for MTI Industries (USA). He grew up working in boat yards and worked as a mechanic, travel lift operator, service writer and captain. Previous to starting his work at MTI Industries, he worked as a manufacturer’s representative for companies such as Icom, Xantrex, Vetus, Edson, Poly-Planar and many more. Currently, his work includes working with many American Boat manufacturers to incorporate certain products into their builds. With his experience in many different jobs, Rudolph believes he can lend a perspective of many facets of the marine segment.
METSTRADE Exhibition Committee - Christoph Ballin

Christoph Ballin

Christoph Ballin serves as the Co-founder and Managing Director of Tyde GmbH. He boasts a robust entrepreneurial background, having co-founded numerous successful ventures, most notably Torqeedo GmbH, which has established itself as the global leader in electric mobility within the boating industry. Christoph's unwavering passion lies in envisioning a harmonious blend of opulence and sustainability, wherein innovation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of yachting. Tyde's groundbreaking foiling yacht, "The Icon," developed in collaboration with BMW, has garnered widespread acclaim as a pioneering example of the yachting industry's electrified future. This innovation not only holds the promise of reducing emissions but also injecting newfound excitement into the world of navigation.

Geir H. Soraker

Geir H Soraker has been the CEO of Ertec AS since 1991 and shareholder in the mother company. He grew up in Tvedestrand, a small town on the south coast of Norway and has always had great interest in boats. Previous to starting his work at Ertec, he worked at Windy Boats and from start at Golar Metal, supplier of boat windows since 1963. In Ertec he is directly involved with many of Ertec`s customers and the development of new products and processes. He was for many years members of the board of directors of NORBOAT.

Leo Stam

Leo Stam has been director and owner of Hydrosta bv for over 20 years and he started his career in this family company. Due to his engineering skills he has been able to expand the product range of Hydrosta. In addition, he is an excellent sparring partner as he knows the ins and outs of marine drive and control systems. Hydrosta is basically a hydraulic company and beside service other markets the company specialized itself mainly in marine equipment for more than 40 years. In the last decade it developed also a new range of Electric and Hybrid systems special in the mid-range power propulsion solutions.

Tom Reed

Tom Reed is the owner and CEO of award-winning outdoor technologies company Scanstrut Ltd and its USA subsidiary Scanstrut Inc. Designing and manufacturing highly innovative products that enable the use of technologies in the Marine, RV, Agriculture and Outdoor Spaces sectors, Scanstrut exports to over 40 countries and was the overall winner of DAME in 2017. Tom is an experienced inshore and offshore sailor and has competed at European and World Championship level. “Our company has exhibited at METSTRADE since its very earliest days and I’m delighted to be involved and hope I can bring some new ideas and experience to an already highly successful event."

Joe Lynch

As the CEO of ICOMIA, Joe Lynch occupies a permanent seat on the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee. With a diverse career spanning the tourism and charity sectors, Joe has also excelled as a digital marketing specialist. He previously served as the Marketing Director for several TUITravel brands and later assumed the role of Commercial Director for the Youth Hostel Association (YHA). During his tenure, he successfully boosted membership numbers, modernized the YHA brand, and elevated the charity's public profile.

Joe's involvement in the marine industry has been a longstanding passion. He has extensive experience, having worked as a water sports instructor, training and flotilla manager, and in various commercial and general management positions within inland waterways and coastal charter companies. Outside of his professional life, Joe remains an avid yacht racer and enjoys sailing along the southern coast of the UK.