Amsterdam | 2019, 19 - 21 November

Constitution of the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee

The METSTRADE Exhibition Committee is an advisory board - established in METSTRADE’s inaugural year 1988 - that consists of executives of exhibiting and visiting companies who act as the voice and trend watchers of the global leisure marine industry. 

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Responsibilities of the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee

Every committee member primarily has an advisory and informative role and will be consulted for a variety of (strategic) issues which are expected to have impact on the METSTRADE Show and its concept. Topics that are typically addressed:

  • Concept/strategy/show development
  • (New) events / special items
  • Marketing – materials such as brochures
  • Marketing – (new) target groups
  • Marketing – (new) media choices
  • Exhibition programme
  • Appointment of new Exhibition Committee members
  • Reports/updates on the industry developments
Three times per year the committee convenes to brainstorm, review and discuss these current and future matters.

Membership policy of the Exhibition Committee

The committee's members are invited by Amsterdam RAI, and appointed by the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee, each January a current member steps down after serving the committee for 6-8 years, and a new member is welcomed every year. The committee is chaired by the Group director Maritime RAI Amsterdam, and is accompanied by the METSTRADE product managers. ICOMIA and its members are represented via their Secretary General, who has a permanent seat in the committee and in addition, 5 to 6 exhibitors represent a variety of segments within the equipment manufacturer market. New members are appointed by RAI Amsterdam, with the approval of the remaining committee members. The term of membership is 5 to 6 years and subsequently every year part of the committee changes.