How is the regatta world promoting sustainability

How is the regatta world promoting sustainability?

Peter Franklin
Tuesday, 25 July 2017

It is almost unnecessary to say that the majority of us would like to see our seas and waterways free of contamination and plastic pollution. Most of us would also like to be part of the generation that leaves a more environmentally sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. 

These days, huge steps are being made in raising awareness about these issues, and a lot of worthwhile sustainability projects are already underway and starting to make a difference. But, continuously reminding every one of us that we have an environmental responsibility as ‘Stewards of Planet Earth,’ must always be an ongoing campaign.

Here we will look at what the world of sailing and regattas is doing to drive the sustainability message home via their event organisations, and the high-visibility public profile that it gives them.

Sir Ben Ainslie, a sailing hero with green ideals

When he set out to challenge for the 35th America’s Cup with the ambition to bring it back to the UK, Ben Ainslie attracted a lot of inward investment for his quest, but right from the start, he made sure to dedicate important resource to the concept of sustainability.

“Our generation has a responsibility to reverse the negative impact we have been having on our environment!” These are the words used by Sir Ben in his introduction to the following short video. 

Why not take 3 minutes to listen to what he says about the actions that he and his Land Rover BAR team have been undertaking. These range from end-of-life planning / recycling for their carbon fibre boats, through to reducing the use of fossil fuels, avoiding single-use plastic containers, and participating in the regeneration of oyster beds in the Solent waters near their base; an important contributor to ocean purity and bio-diversity.

Video presentation by Sir Ben Ainslie: