Lineup Announced for Start-Up Pavilion at METSTRADE

Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Amsterdam, 22 August 2023 – Yachting Ventures and METSTRADE are excited to announce the lineup for the Start-Up Pavilion at this year's show, which is sponsored by FORT Insurance and will provide an innovative platform for emerging companies to showcase their latest products and technologies.

In Hall 7, METSTRADE has designated a spacious area for the Start-Up Pavilion that will accommodate 15 start-ups. This marks the first time ever that METSTRADE will host such an event, demonstrating their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in the industry.

Sponsored by FORT Insurance, the Start-Up Pavilion will feature 15 carefully selected companies who will have the opportunity to exhibit their cutting-edge ideas throughout the 3-day event. Broadly, the 15 start-ups chosen to exhibit as part of the Start-Up Pavilion fall into two categories – those accelerating the digitalisation of the industry via software and platform solutions, and those accelerating the transition to greener technologies and alternative propulsion.

Whether you're an investor seeking the next big opportunity, an industry professional looking to collaborate, or simply a curious individual eager to explore the future of leisure marine, the Start-Up Pavilion at METSTRADE is the place to be.


The leisure marine industry is beginning to embrace digitalisation, and these start-ups are leading the charge. Their pioneering solutions are transforming the way yachts are managed, operated, and experienced, ushering in a new era of innovation and convenience:

  • SaMMY is an IOT, cloud-based platform, that allows skippers and sea travellers to easily search, compare, reserve and securely pay a berth space using on-demand services (web, widgets, mobile app).
  • Boatmate offers marine businesses a fast-growing global technology platform to digitise, streamline sales operations, and enhance customer experiences.
  • LJ eLogbooks is a 21st century solution for yacht data recording, providing paperless digital logbooks and allowing users to create, manage, edit and store all logbook data in the cloud and desktop app on one platform.
  • IQNautics is the first solution that introduces business process management in the industry, unlocking the power of digitization.
  • Metarina is building an intelligent marina management software that bridges the gap between boaters and marinas, streamlining communication and optimising operations to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Captain’s Eye has developed a real-time, holistic AI-based system for yachts based on a unique video AI algorithm which detects unusual events on yachts' standard CCTV systems in real time via the security cameras.
  • Floatist is a game-changing fleet and charter operations management platform designed specifically for yacht charter companies.
  • Charter Itinerary is a sophisticated B2B SaaS solution centralising yacht charter booking and management processes for the luxury yacht and bareboat industries.


The following CleanTech start-ups represent the vanguard of a green revolution in the yachting industry. Their commitment to sustainability, environmental preservation, and technological ingenuity is driving the industry towards a more responsible and eco-conscious future.

  • Zparq provides electric motors and complete powertrains for leisure boats and commercial vessels, enabling an environmentally friendly, efficient, and quiet propulsion with minimal maintenance.
  • BatteryCheck provides continuous monitoring and predictive analytics to help companies safely operate batteries in their devices, increasing battery life, optimizing energy usage, and alerting potential battery issues before they occur.
  • Open Waters Solar has designed composite solar panels that are an order of magnitude stronger, lighter and more durable than any other panels.
  • Shapewave is building a complete system for calculating and manufacturing complex internal structures for inflatable parts, using proprietary robots.
  • Flag Turbines is building a new type of wind turbine using BLOwN technology, which adjusts the blades to the best angle in the wind and gives them the highest lift forces.
  • Hullbot designs, builds and deploys autonomous underwater robots that keep hulls that are in the water clean.
  • Pascal Technologies helps boat builders offer long-range electric boats and ferries.

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METSTRADE is the world’s largest trade exhibition for equipment, materials and systems for the global leisure marine industry. Organised by RAI Amsterdam in cooperation with ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations), METSTRADE’s target audience includes yacht builders, naval architects, refit yards, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, captains, marina owners and marine equipment manufacturers worldwide. METSTRADE 2023 will run from 15-17 November 2023 at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

METSTRADE’s long-standing efforts to promote the importance of sustainable approaches in the industry include investment in forums, presentations and blogs by subject matter experts, the creation of innovation showcases within METSTRADE and a determination to keep the environment at the forefront of its frequently accessed communication channels.

In 2023, METSTRADE will be held from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 November. Since the existence of METSTRADE in 1988, the show has always been from Tuesday to Thursday. This one-time change in days is to ensure that there will be sufficient build-up time for all exhibitors, as the RAI halls have a very full calendar this autumn.

About Yachting Ventures

Yachting Ventures is a global start-up hub for the leisure marine and yachting industries, providing the network, education, and opportunities that founders need to scale and raise investment.

About FORT Insurance

Fort Insurance is an independent superyacht insurance broker dedicated to supporting all actors of the marine industry. Sponsoring the Start-Up pavilion at METSTRADE fits perfectly with Fort Insurance company ethos of assisting businesses that are bringing new technologies and ideas to the industry so they do not have to worry about insurance and can focus on innovation.

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