TechTalk: Wind Assisted Propulsion

Thursday, 10 December 20201:45 PM - 2:40 PM
CMP Stage

The possibilities and developments of wind assisted ship propulsion

Currently a lot of development is going on in commercial shipping, many of which was derived from yachting. What could be the future? What developments are going on? Can we expect a transfer back to yachting? New scenarios open up through the introduction of new marine concepts. Wind assisted propulsion, natural materials, new building techniques represent some of the most important examples introduced in the marine sector.


The session consists of a 30 minutes TechTalk  and a 15 minutes AfterTalk. The TechTalk is open to everyone, however the number of attendees in the AfterTalk is limited. Therefore make sure to secure your spot by registering on the METSTRADE Connect platform. 


This TechTalk is organised by our Construction Material Pavilion partner Simonetta Pegorari, Consultant & Journalist.



Aaron Porter

Moderator: Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter is Editor at Professional BoatBuilder Magazine.



Speaker: Friedrich Deimann

Friederich Deimann is the Founder and CEO of Greener Boats. At GREENBOATS we believe in a future where companies compete on the sustainability of their products and services. We give our clients an edge in this race by enabling them to measure and cost-efficiently improve the sustainability of their composite components.



Giovanni Bordogna

Giovanni Bordogna is the Founder of BlueWASP. Giovanni holds a PhD on the aerodynamics of wind-assisted ship propulsion from TUDelft. After obtaining a BSc degree in Nautical Engineering (University of Genoa) and an MSc degree in Marine Technology (TUDelft), he worked on a doctoral research project aimed at improving the prediction of the aerodynamic performance of wind-assisted vessels, for which he carried out extensive wind-tunnel experiments. He is a goal-oriented engineer with a strong passion for green technology and entrepreneurship. After the completion of his PhD, he co-founded Blue Wasp to make his knowledge available to the shipping industry.



Nico van der Kolk

Nico van der Kolk is the Founder of BlueWASP. Nico is an experienced engineer from University of California Berkeley and TUDelft, with a specialization in fluid mechanics, ship hydromechanics and broad experience in towing tank experimentation and numerical simulation. Having spent a lifetime sailing, and holding also a B.A. in Naval History, he brings a passion for sailing to work as co-founder of Blue Wasp. Following on his just-completed PhD research, entitled “Sailing Efficiency and Course-keeping Ability of Wind Assisted Ships”, he is eager to participate in the design and the real-world implementation of wind-assist for commercial ships.



Speaker: Donald MacVicar

Donald MacVicar is the CTO of SMAR Azure. Leading the R&D team at SMAR Azure for the last 16 years, as lead software developer working on all design and analysis software. Management and supervision of the development of the Smart Wind Assist Propulsion R&D project within SMAR Azure, working not only with our team of naval architects, structural engineers, simulation engineers, but also with our network of partners, including key universities in Scotland, and further industrial connections. UK-based SMAR Azure Ltd was incorporated in 2004 by Dr Sabrina Malpede (CEO) and Dr Alessandro Rosiello (CFO) to utilise the award-winning technology developed by Sabrina during her PhD  research and awarded in 2001. Dr Donald MacVicar joined the Company in 2004. Donald has a PhD in software engineering and leads our R&D team. Over the past decade, SMAR Azure has grown substantially in terms of its team of dedicated professionals, knowledge/technology required for innovation in yacht design/engineering, and product portfolio.